Asif Ali And Bhavana in Adventures Of Omanakuttan

Asif Ali and Bhavana will play the lead role in the upcoming Mollywood film ‘Adventures Of Omanakuttan’. The actress has an interesting role to play in the movie. She would appear as a Flamenco dancer called Pallavi. While Asif Ali would play Omanakuttan. The two would be seen falling in love.

Bhavana is preparing for her role by learning Flamenco dance. The actress has always been close to Asif Ali, as well as his wife Zama. The audience has previously enjoyed the onscreen chemistry in ‘Honey Bee’ and ‘Ozhimuri’. Released in 2013, ‘Honey Bee’ was a romantic comedy. It went on to become a ‘Monsoon Hit’ at the box office. But the 2012 release ‘Ozhimuri’ did not fare well at the box office, though it won several awards.
Adventures Of Omanakuttan is the creation of the newcomer director Rohit VS. As the director says, both actors would appear in a never avatar. It is said that the lighthearted romantic comedy has given a complete makeover to Asif Ali.

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