Indrajith and Rachana in Adoorum Thoppilumallatha Oru Bhasi

The debutant Vishnu Vijayan Kaaraattu is directing ‘Adoorum Thoppilumallatha Oru Bhasi’. Interestingly, it features Indrajith in the role of a theatre owner. The other actors onboard are Sreejith Ravi, Rachana Narayanankutty, Sanju Sivaram , Balachandran, S P Sreekumar, Srinda and V K Sreeraman. The tunes would be created by Jassie Gift. The movie is set in the olden times – 1972 to the 1990s. But the filmmakers revealed that they are not making any special efforts to show this, like attire of the olden times or sepia color tone.

The name of Indrajith’s character is Bhasi. This lucky man gets a movie theatre in the form of ancestral property. Along with his friends, he struggles to resolve the issues in his life. They try running the theatre simultaneously, but they end up entangled in more problems.

Sreejith Ravi is another one playing a prominent role- he is the theatre operator. Sanju Sivaram and S P Sreekumar don the role of Bhasi’s buddies. Srinda would play the love interest of Bhasi in college days, while Rachana Narayanankutty plays Bhasi’s wife. This character is called Lekha. The actress is elated on being offered the role, as she told the media. Describing her character, she explained that Lekha is a supportive and homely wife who helps her husband at all times.

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