Vikram’s I tamil movie review

Prominent Tamil director Shankar always tries his best to introduce the newer aspects of love to his audience. So, this time also his movie “I” is called to be a romantic thriller combined with science fiction. The movie is all about the story of Lingesan. He is a hunchback. At the beginning of the movie Lingesan kidnapped the heroine Diya and then as the story goes on the life of Lingesan unfolds. He is passionate to become a bodybuilder. His dream is to win the title of Mr. Tamil Nadu or, Mr. India. Here comes Diya in his life and all the dedication for his dream has blown away by her beauty. He falls in love with her. Slowly he realizes that his lady love is in the top most position in the world of modelling. To know what happened afterwards, you have to go to the cinema hall to watch the full movie.

The movie switches between the past and the present time of the life of Lingesan. In one part the hunchback is shown torturing his victims and again in the other part the same man becomes the bodybuilder –model and trying establish him as an Upcoming Diva. The transformation of a hunchback to a bodybuilder and model is the main plot of the movie. Many other subplots are there also to make the story a proper entertainment. The story of the movie takes a bit longer time to be unfolded. It has taken a little more than 3 hours. Actually the first half of the movie is quiet longer as the director takes more time to form the characters.

Cast of the film:

Written by the director himself, the leading character of “I” is Lingesan. This character is played by Vikram and his lady love Diya is characterized by Amy Jackson. Suresh Gopi is playing the role of Doctor. Upen Patel, Ramkumar Ganesan, Sanathanam, Srinivasan, Ojas M. Rajani and Mohan Kapoor are playing the other prominent roles.

Ups and Downs of the Movie:

Now what to see in the movie? If you want to enjoy the Greek God like physique, then you must have to watch the movie to see the body-building exhibition by Vikram. He looks superb in this character of Lingesan. Another name who is a must watch person in the movie is Amy Jackson. She really looks like a diva in present time Tamil movie genre. No one will do the better work than this pair of Vikram- Amy. Though the film is a bit longer yet you will not be bored as the chemistry between Amy and Vikram is so romantic that you have to sit back to see what is going to take place at the end. Sanathanam is doing as a comic relief in the movie. His wisecracks are really the comic entertaining parts in the film. Love and only the love is the theme of the movie. A beautiful convincing story of love is shown here against the backdrop of some beautiful places on earth. There is enough suspense in the movie to make it a clear-cut thriller movie. Vikram did lots of work to look perfect in the movie. The director himself gives the hairstyle to Vikram. According Shankar, the character of Lingesan was the most difficult to portrait on screen, but Vikram did a wonderful job. For the character of Diya, the director needed someone who physically looks like a model in her actual look. After seeing Amy Jackson the director selects her for the character of Diya. “I” is a technically perfect movie as PC Sreeram’s camera did wonderful works. The music created by AR Rahman also gives the movie an authentic touch of romance. The art director T Muthuraj also created the perfect scenario of the movie.Editor Anthony did a bit crispier job.

Rating : 3.5 /5

Verdict : Romantic thriller , Mix of Love and Revenge .

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