Manisha Koirala’s Kollywood Comeback

It is reported that Manisha Koirala might be giving a pleasant surprise to Kollywood any time soon. Director AMR Ramesh recently approached the actress with the script of a Tamil movie. Sources say that Manisha was quite impressed with the script and it is likely that she will agree.

This movie hasn’t been given a title yet. Though the star cast has been partly decided. Arjun and Shaam have been given the lead roles. Shaam shared some information on this matter with the media. He admitted that he was fascinated by the script that the director presented to him. The plot features an incident of murder mystery that shocked the nation. He would be acting alongside Arjun and there would be another female character apart from Manisha. Shedding light on his own role, Shaam said that he would be paying a cop in this upcoming flick. The actor also said that he will begin the shooting very soon.

Director AMR Ramesh too revealed some details before the media. He said that he would be finalizing the deal with Manisha Koirala very soon now. This film will be bilingual- made in both Tamil and Kannada. Pooja for the Kannada and Tamil film shall be held separately on 16th and 19th February respectively.

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