Ivan Maryadaraman malayalam movie review

The Suresh Divakar directorial ‘Ivan Maryadaraman’ reached the theaters on 4th April. The film is a remake of the Telugu flick ‘Maryada Ramanna’ that was released in 2010.


Dileep plays Raman who works at a rice mill of Pune and Nikki Galrani plays a girl called Krishnendu. Other characters have been portrayed by Thara Kalyan, Abu Salim, Nagineedu, Saju Navodaya and Manju Satheesh.


Raman  (Dileep) works as an employee at a rice mill located in Pune. He uses a bicycle for carrying rice to the mill for the processing. Raman then considers buying an auto rickshaw, so he plans to visit his village Ravanapuram to ask his mother for some money. He then heads home – unaware of the danger to come. Raman boards a train and meets a girl called Krishnendu (Nikki Galrani). They both chat and become friends during the journey.

Raman arrives at the village – only to find a gang of people who are on the move to murder him! Raman’s father too had been murdered at the village and his father’s perpetrators are the one wanting to take his life as well. When the two arrive at the village, Krishnendu invites Raman to visit her family. Krishnendu and Raman may have become friends. But Krishnendu’s family is Raman’s enemy as they are the ones who want to take Raman’s life.

Raman enters their home but the tragedy is that he cannot leave. If he does, he would lose his life with the flick of an eye. He is safe within the house as the house members have taken the vow to not kill in the house. The part that follows depicts how Raman stays within the house. Things get complicated when Krishnendu falls in love with him.


Looking at the performance of Dileep it can be said that the actor has done his best to get into the character. Niki Galrani has sported charming looks as Krishnendu and she too has done well. Her chemistry with Dileep is good and she has succeeded in this context. The film is better than the recent flops that Dileep has had to suffer. Also, it does not have any double meaning joke comedy that families might find inappropriate.


Though Dileep has worked hard to ensure that he doesn’t have to suffer flop again, the film isn’t as good as the audience were expecting. The performances are good – but that’s all. The acting can be called satisfactory and another flaw is Dileep’s outdated role. The actor hasn’t done badly, but then there is no novelty in the role. He has played the same type of roles he is known for. The movie could have been better if the filmmakers had done away with such stereotyped role and presented the actor in a fresh role instead.

Another aspect that adds to the downside of the film is the ordinary plot. The film does not have anything special or different to offer. Also the movie has been adapted from the Telugu film and it is likely that people who have watched the Telugu version wouldn’t be impressed by this new one. There was hope that this remake may outshine the Telugu one – but the hopes of Mollywood film enthusiasts have been shattered. Nikki needs to sharpen her acting skills. Her chemistry with Dileep could have been improved upon – had she possessed better acting skills.

It is natural that audience would compare the film with the Telugu version. And when they do, disappointment awaits them! The screen play is definitely not as impressive as the other film.


Average Film . Good for one time watch



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