Narain Teams and Meghana Raj in Hallelujah

Narain was missing from Mollywood for quite some time. The actor is back now and would be seen in a family entertainer. Sudhi Anna would be directing this movie and it has been titled ‘Hallelujah’.

Narain talks about his role in this upcoming film. He says that he dons the role of a psychiatrist who lives abroad. The man then comes back to his village after all the years of staying abroad. Interestingly, he comes with a mission in mind. The film shows the man’s childhood memories and also how his life changes when he is back the village. The actress selected for female lead is Meghana Raj. The film would start rolling from 4th May. The locations selected for filming are Kerala and the surrounding areas.

In Malayalam film industry, the last time the audience saw Narain was when he played a cameo role in ‘Njangalude Veettile Adhithikal’ – the Sibi Malayil film. Narain explains why he has been missing from Malayalam movies. He says that he had been occupied with a role in Tamil film. This particular role demanded that the actor grows a moustache and beard. So he was focused on this role and therefore couldn’t take up any other films. Now he has finally started looking into other scripts.

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