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Sonu Sood to play Dawood

Bollywood talent Sonu Sood is at present practicing hard to be in the shoes of Dawood Ibrahim, the underworld don for his upcoming film ‘Shootout At Wadala’. The actor of 38 years is researching high on the life of the don Dawood as his goal is to give his best for the movie. He personally feels that the coveted role of a gangster that is offered to him is quite challenging and would help him to grow as an actor. Previously, the actor has done grey shades for ‘Dabangg’, starring Salman Khan and has earned accolades for his role. In the meantime, Sonu is also involved with another film ‘Maximum’ which also casts actors like Vinay Pathak and Naseeruddin Shah.

The actor is happy at the fact that his career is gradually growing and the audience has finally accepted him. We hope that his career grows on like this in the future also and he develops as an actor. We also hope that he is offered more roles in the future where he can show his talent as an actor. We wish luck and best wishes for the future. So all the best!!!

Shahid and Nargis Fakhri living together

It was reported that the Czech model cum actress Nargis Fakhri was ruling the heart of Shahid Kapoor till date but at present it seems that she has gained a secured position in Shahid’s Versova residence in Mumbai. Sources reveal that the actress has shifted to that place and is living there from past five six days. Previously rumours were just that these two were spotted dinning together at the luxurious restaurants in Mumbai. As reported the intimacy between the two increased when they performed together in an award function. It was the first ever stage performance of Nargis and she has said that Shahid has helped her to build her confidence and perform well. Later on the actor stayed in touch with her and also invited her for his birthday last month.

Nargis also reverted in affirmation landing in India from US just to be present at the birthday party and it from then that the couple seems to be inseparable. However, nothing is confirmed so far, it is only rumour making its rounds. Let us wait to find out the truth behind the whole story and for this we have to stay tuned and keep a keen eye on every detail on this.

Anushka Sharma and Suresh Raina seeing each other

Buzz is making its round saying that cricketer Suresh Raina and actress Anushka Sharma are seeing each other. Rumours say that Suresh Raina and Anushka Sharma are more than just being ‘good friends’. As reported they met each other in London for the first time when the Indian cricket team was in a tour for England. Since that time both of them kept meeting each other whenever they had time. Though close friends of both agreed that these two shared good chemistry between them but denied to comment on their relationship. However, both of them maintained silence in this regard and was not seen together in any social events.

This is however assumed that the couple will not hide their relationship if there is some truth in this story. One does not know how far the story about Anushka and Suresh Raina dating each other is true but it can be assumed that the truth will come out very soon. We have to wait a bit further to get the reality behind the story and the silence to be broken by the couple. This is no new story for a cricketer and an actress to be linked up but it cannot be assumed how far the story of this link up is true.

Superstars – Getting Costly in Bollywood

The demand for superstars in movies is always prominent. If you check the earning volumes of Hollywood superstars, you will be surprised to learn that the top graded English action movie star named Leonardo charges around $77 millions for performing in a single movie. He is succeeded by Johnny Depp($50 million) and Sandler ($40 million). They are famous and their earning scope is naturally extensive and more expandable.

However if you traverse your eyes from Hollywood to Bollywood and then Mollywood and Kollywood, you will have the same experiences as Indian idols are also charging higher rates to participate into movies. For instance, Shahrukh Khan demands 70 crore rupees to act in a single movie. There is a Khan tradition to bag accolades and recognition. Salman, Aamir and others of Khan line- up earn good profits. Their value in the Bollywood industry is still shinning. Aamir Khan charges 60 crore INR. It is an excellent profession.

On the other hand, Rajinikanth has outperformed othercelebrities by earning 25-30 crore INR on a single go. He doesn’t demand any revenue on the accumulated revenues which are gathered from the ticket collection, premier show, sale of audio cassettes and music albums. He takes only his own charges to perform in movie.

Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor to tie the knot by the end of 2012

Kareena Kapoor, the lady love of Saif Ali Khan has finally spoken about her marriage. A leading daily has quoted her saying that she would get married to Saif by the end of 2012. Although she denies speaking about any dates of their marriage but confirms that the marriage will take place this year itself. The buzz was going on that both of them that they would enter the wedlock after the release of the film ‘Agent Vinod’. Kareena is at present busy with her forthcoming film ‘Heroine’.

The duo has always tried to keep the talks about their marriage under wraps so that they could focus on the home production of Saif. So from this news it can be assumed that another Bollywood wedding is on the cards. We hope that this marriage comes out successful and as a blessing for the two. We wish them luck and best wishes for their forthcoming marriage and also hope that they will lead a happy married life ahead. More will be in news as the marriage date is finalised and we progress towards the wedding date. Let us wait to get more information on this grand Bollywood wedding.

Beti B to be called AARADHYA

The three and half month baby girl of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai has finally got a name and it is ‘Aaradhya’. The name was announced by Abhishek Bachchan in a leading daily. Their daughter was addressed as Beti B till that time as her grandfather Mr. Amitabh Bachchan used to call her. It was hinted some days back that the initial letters of Beti B would start with ‘AA’. Abhishek has said that their daughter would have got the name a bit earlier but due to the ill health of Big B they had to keep silent for some time. However, as he is fine now, he has suggested that Abhishek should reveal the name of their daughter now.

The entire family of Bachchans has taken the consent of every member of their family while naming the kid. The name AARADHYA is derived from the Sanskrit word which means ‘WORSHIP’. We hope that the baby girl will bring name and fame to the family like the other members of the family. We hope that the name AARADHYA will shine in life and will keep the name of Bachchan family shinning in the future.

Report on box office collection of the film ‘Kahaani’

The film ‘Kahaani’ featuring Vidya Balan that has hit the screen on 9th of March has made a decent opening with positive response. The incredible acting of Vidya had again earned her accolades from all over. The first weekend collection itself stands to be Rs 13.83 crore net. It has collected 88 lakhs from paid reviews on Thursday and on Friday, it earned 2.95 crores while on Saturday it fetched 4.50 crores and on Sunday it was 5.50 crores. This film received rave reviews from its critics too. This film ‘Kahaani’ is a thriller which portrays Vidya Balan playing the role of Bidya Bagchi who is shown to be pregnant and the one who comes from London to Kolkata in search of her husband who is missing. The most interesting part of the film is that the mystery is sustained till the end of the movie and the director is successful in keeping the mystery throughout the entire film.

Despite the film not being overseas friendly it has done good business. It has grossed about 3.30 crore net at foreign collections in the first weekend itself. The film that got released in 45 theatres in the US has earned Rs 1.31 crores in the Box Office and has collected 1.13 crores from 25 screens in UAE. In UK from 31 screens the film has earned Rs 54.21 lakhs. The film has also done good business in countries like New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. It has made a collection of Rs 29.16 lakhs from 12 screens in Australia. It hit one theatre each in Fiji and New Zealand and has earned an amount of Rs 2.42 Lakhs and Rs 1.89 respectively. All in all it was a fairly good deal for the film ‘Kahaani’ both in India and overseas.

Poonam Pandey’s Phone stolen

Poonam Pandey, who did not bother for vulgar comments and criticisms coming her way for her stripping off and her videos, has a reason to be concerned at present. She who had been robbed of her mobile phone by a group of bikers very recently fears that her private videos may be leaked. As reported by a leading daily that a complaint has been filed by Poonam at Oshiwara police station. She was informed by the cops that it was not that she was the first victim of such a crime as there were similar incidences that had already taken place in that area.

Poonam has said that the incident took place when she was in one of her friend’s car. She blamed the bikers for distracting her attention and robbing her of her phone. She further said that it had many private videos and photos stored in it and fears that these might be leaked. Let us hope that her phone be found out soon and the bikers arrested for their crime. We also hope that all goes well for Poonam Pandey and her fear subsides with the recovery of her mobile phone.

Agneepath Boxoffice collection report : Rs 133.06 crores at worldwide

Bolywood film ‘Agneepath’ still continues to rock the International Box office even in the second week. The film starring Hrithik and Priyanka has maintained pace in the centres of collection in UK, USA, UAE, New Zealand, and Australia adding an amount to Rs 27 crores. This film which got released in America in 132 screens continued to do good business. It has added $3, 40,112 to total collection of $17, 50,843 at the Box Office in the second week. It has earned a total of £90,294 in UK from and has earned £5, 95,862 after the second week. The film produced by Karan Johar has collected A$64,743 from 14 screens in Australia while its total earning there is A$4, 20,243. It grossed NZ$17,186 from New Zealand in 7 screens and its total collection was NZ$89,667.

Agneepath has done miracle at the Indian Box Office. It has collected Rs 106.3 crore. With this it has earned a profit of Rs 133.06 crores in the worldwide. It should be seen if it crosses 150 crores in the second week. So we have to see if it can cross that limit or not. However, this film has done good business all over.

Bollywood to Go on Strike for Tax Imposition

The domestic film industry in India will be packed off for 24 hour in a protest against the central government due to forceful imposition of taxes on Indian movie industry. It is a shock which needs to be borne by every movie lover. Additional 10.3 percent tax will have to be tolerated by Indian movie producers and directors. That means, extra financial pressure is supposed to be carried over shoulders of movie makers. FFI has taken a bold decision finding no way out. It has called a nationwide lay-off in the shape of general strike on 23rd instant. The heavy taxation will dampen the natural growth of movie industry. There are many small size entertainment sectors which will be affected severely. The reason is simple, extra burden of taxes will force the superiors of the film industry to cut budgets to size for avoiding higher expenses. Employees will be given golden shake hands early. There will be withdrawal of many growth oriented projects which must hamper the speedy expansion of Indian movie industry all over the world.

Mahesh Bhatt, the renowned movie maker, has taken a strong exception to this awkward decision. He has vented his spleen on the top brass of the administrative body due to wrong decision and misuse of power. According to him, if the government has had schemed to make the movie industry as the only source of earning handsome revenues via tax payment, it will surely compel entrepreneurs of movie industry to shut down their businesses forever. It should not be welcomed. Nor is it appreciable. That’s why; he is ready for table discussion with the government.

However, there is no information about the readymade solution which will be well fitted to both Delhi and Bollywood tinsel house. Maybe, there will be a hot debate to find out the most convenient way to make proper adjustment. Ramesh Sippy and other eminent directors are agreed to appear more aggressive to strike the government for its indifference to the Indian cinema.