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Rowdy Rathore bollywood movie Review

For younger generation, Rowdy Rathore will be an energy booster. It will energize a dashing young boy to act just like Rowdy Rathore. To be frank, Rowdy Rathore will be a hit.

In the modern milieu, the human value is evaluated on a scale of purity of heart, sacrifice and love. Even a criminal has the right to survive in the society. Breaking the barrier of conventional legacy, this movie has been shot on an ultra-modern platform. Akshay Kumar has played the role of Shiva who is a thief. His wrong commitment has contaminated the society to some extent. However, in his character, you will find a silver lining. He is a man of excellence when he has had to stoop to a minor girl named Chinki. She has taken him as her father. In between, Shiva has met Priya(Sonakshi Sinha). Her arresting beauty entices him. He has fallen in love. However, he is passive in revealing the name of Chinki to his sweetheart. The whole movie is stained in the color of romantic gloss, and spices of comical elements. He has gained terrific appreciation from critics due to his outstanding performance. He is a smart dude with a bold character.

On the other hand, Sonakshi will surely heat up male viewers by exposing her juicy body to some extent. Music is ok. Cinematography is excellent. Title music is soothing and sensational. However, occasionally, couple of boring snapshots can force you to scratch your scalp to avoid the situation. Otherwise this movie will win hearts of viewers. The presence of Nassar, Paresh Ganatra and Yashpal Sharma has given a new shape to the movie. Under the fear of the police officer played by Yashpal, Shiva had to keep Chinki with him. The director has selected Akshay Kumar after a screening test. He has proved his talent in acting.

Rating: 3.0/5

Verdict: Rowdy Rathore is a average commercial movie. It has the ingredients of comedy, romance, violence and revenge to dish out a fantastic movie to people.

Tezz Bollywood movie review

The film ‘Tezz’ directed by Priyadarshan and produced by Bharat Shah is not a cut paste replica of the Hollywood movie ‘Speed’. Although the fundamental premise of the film is lifted from 1994 Keanu Reeves Sandra Bullock film, the rest is Indian in heart which is set in England. In this film Ajay Devgan is featured as an engineer who is based in London and the one who has banished home to India when the authorities has found out that he has been violating immigration laws. Returning to England after four years he is determined to take revenge for being separated from Kangana Ranaut, his wife. Now in the mood of a terrorist, he plants a bomb in the London Glasgow Express threatening that if his demand of 10 million Euros is not fulfilled he would blow up the train. In his mission he is helped by Sameera Reddy and Zayed Khan.

It is however, not a bad film at all due to the brisk pace that keeps one hooked up. It is well shot and editing is also good. The film is capable of holding the interest of the audience and at times people are anxious and anticipating what is next. The film is an action packed masala movie. The work of the director does not go in vain but it definitely leaves one craving for a far better central idea. Tezz has so many things going on at the same time that one is left with little time to dwell on the ignorable plot holes. Arjun Khanna played by Anil Kapoor is send to tackle the challenging situation and weather he is able to cope with the situation or not forms the rest of the story.

The film shot in beautiful locations is known for its brilliant photography. The car stunts are well done, the visuals are at par with international standards. The performance of the main cast is a plus point to the film. Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgan and Boman Irani did brilliant performance. Although Zayed Khan and Sameera Reddy did not have enough to show their talent but were good in whatever role they had to perform. All in all it was an average movie with certain loopholes in it.

Rating: 2/5

Verdict: an action packed movie and can be watched for time pass

Agneepath bollywood movie review

While evaluating the official remake of ‘Agneepath’, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is how the signature scene would be reinterpreted. Unlike the original, the monologue is played late whereby Vijay’s identity is established by introducing him with much individuality and elegance which pays tribute to the original. In the same time it is not just imitation of the original one. This film retains the spirit of the original while having soul of its own. The basic remains the same. Kancha Cheena played by Sanjay Dutt is the king of Mandwa Island who terminates the village schoolmaster for his rebellious nature. The son of the schoolmaster Vijay Dinanath Chauhan played by Hrithik Roshan swears to take revenge and grows under Rauf Lala played by Rishi Kapoor.

The primary plotline is also similar to that of the classic of Mukul Anand. Karan Malhotra and Ila Bedi Datta revamp the screenplay and give it a new structure. In that case the exclusion of Mithun Chakravarthy is never missed and the induction of Rishi Kapoor with foul mouth and character of a kasai is welcomed. The remake of the film is not remodelled to the recent times because it retains the original era of 1990. Director Malhotra also imparts in it the cinematic treatment at that time. So both the hero and the villain make a stylized entry with the bruised protagonist rising to take revenge forms the climax of the film.

With Sanjay Dutt playing the baddie raises the bar. His attire has made him look fierce. The dialogues used are impressive with the unrefined lines of Rishi Kapoor not crossing the familial domain. The film with a three hour time never loses momentum. The romance is kept short with the music by Ajay and Atul doing their job well.

Karan Malhotra succeeds extracting inspiring performance from his cast. Hrithik glides in his character making his presence towering. He redefines the character of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan and in his act the glimpse of the original is never found. All the characters did their roles well.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Verdict: it is a tribute to the original and a must watch movie.

Don2 Movie Review

Director: Farhan Akhtar
Cast: Shah Ruk Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Boman Irani, Om Puri, Kunal Kapoor
Producer: Ritiesh Deshmukh, Shah Ruk Khan, Farhan Akhtar
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Cinematography: Jason West

Five years ago, Don had released. We had waited apprehensively wondering what the verdict for the movie would be, being as it was, a remake of the original movie which had starred Amitabh Bacchan in the leading role. The first Don movie had been a turning point of Indian cinema, back in the 1960s-1970s.

Farhan Akhtar had taken the challenge and he had come out with flying colors too. With a slight with at the end of Don, his venture which starred Shah Ruk Khan in the leading role, alongside Priyanka Chopra, was a hit of sorts.

Now they are back, and with a bang. Shah Ruk really needed a hit this year, especially after the disastrous reception of Ra-One, despite the hype the movie had received.

Don 2 serves as a proper sequel to Don released five years ago. The movie is set five years after the first one, and there are some references to the first movie. It is recommended you watch Don before hitting the halls for Don 2.

The ensemble star cast really has done a fantastic job, especially Boman Irani’s Vaardhan and of course Shah Ruk as the scheming Don. Priyanka Chopra had electrifying scenes with the leading actor, but her scenes were limited. Kunal Kapoor, Om Puri and Lara Dutta do not stand out, but they are able to support the story quite well.

There is a surprise cameo from Bollywood’s heartthrob, Hrithik Roshan, but his character doesn’t really have much to do with the original plot of the movie.

Farhan Akhtar returns as a very able director, as he tells the tale without losing sight of what he had in mind in the first place.

In terms of the plot, the story opens with Don being chased all the world over. The movie opens with Kuala Lumpur and then slowly shifts to Malaysia. Don has his reasons for handing himself over to Om Puri and Priyanka Chopra who are cops on his case. But his going to prison of course has some other motive. And then Don meets his enemy, Vardhaan. The two of them scheme a plan which would get Europe to fall face down, and it would also make Don get loads of money.

The rest of the story follows this cat and mouse chase of Don, Malik (Om Puri) and Roma (Priyanka Chopra).

What makes this movie truly stand out is the amazing cinematography by Jason West. Though the action sequences bear resemblance to Bourne Identity, Mission Impossible and Bond movies, this is truly an action movie never before seen in the Indian cinemas.

The 3D effect of the movie is simply mind blowing. It doesn’t look forced nor does it have any truly obvious scenes either.

Another plus for the movie is that there is no traditional dancing around trees a la Bollywood style. There is just one song through the movie which is completely situational. Now, that’s definitely a plus for the movies. Don 2 really has made a brilliant comeback, and it might be one of those special sequels which turn out to be so much better than its prequel.

Verdict: The 3D effect of the movie makes it the most brilliant Indian action movie to hit the silver screen. If you’re a fan of fast-paced action, and you happen to be a fan of Shah Ruk Khan, this movie is definitely for you.

Rating: 3/5

The Dirty Picture Movie Review

The Dirty Picture was always on a tricky proposition. Milan Luthria, the director pulls off a masterstroke when he picks up one of the most exquisite, exciting and exceptional actresses from the present film industry to portray the most rebellious, raciest sex symbols of the past. Vidya Balan in a very remarkable way essays Silk and her distressing journey from a struggler to a star to shadow. As it is a well known fact that the world has never been kind to sex. The idea of objectifying one’s self invites disapproval. But The Dirty Picture set in the 1980’s neither cringes nor condemns her audacity. In fact it celebrates cleavage dominated subject and treats Silk as an unsung star of that era, who struggled to gain respect for showing off her sensuality and promiscuity in such a way that did not conform to social perception.

This is the story of a struggler who turns the sex symbol in cinema. Reshma, the lead role may not have admirable acting abilities but knows how to use her sexual charm for her benefit. This gives her an easy entry into the industry and she soon starts to rule the hearts of her fans. But as soon as she rose to stardom she also fell down. The same people who made her a star pulls her down. Naseruddin Shah sees her as a threat to his stardom and as a result clips her wings. Tushar kapoor who seems to be in love with her also ditches her indulgence. It is Emraan Hashmi, the filmmaker who hated her most was finally attracted to her. Shah, in spite of the ridiculous get ups was most effective in conveying the randy tone of his narcissistic old timer.

The other two men Tusshar and Emraan do not posses the insights of Shah and prove to be the dullest of Rajat Arora’s cluttered script. While the director has flooded the scenes with whistle induced dialogues, the screenplay lacks in subtext, purpose and detailed development.

Milan Luthria has complete control over the subject of the film in all aspects from the story to exploring the female lead. While he explores the sensuality of Vidya Balan, he also focuses on not exploiting the premise in such a way that the film itself turns vulgar. The film has in it heaving bosom, smooching scenes, physical intimacy, dumpy hemlines and everything. However, the indecency is supported by a fair story and consequently the show off of the skin does not come up as shameless sleaze. It highlights the unapologetic attitude of the female lead and the exploits of the industry. While most of his dialogues are metaphoric, there are some suggestive gems in the verbal combats. But after sometime one feels the lines to be slightly overwritten.

The art direction is immaculate as it brings out the flamboyant and larger than life film industry. Niharika Khan’s costumes put the cleavage and bra straps to display constantly which complements with the sex symbol image of Silk. Bappi Lahiri’s song Oh La La incorporated to add backdrop effect.

The film belongs to the female protagonist, Vidya Balan and she does justice to her role. She is not only bold in her body language but also brings out the inner turmoil of her character with great effort. Among the male leads Emraan Hashmi is most effective. He makes his presence felt with his natural act while Tushar Kapoor is average in his role. However, there is no doubt that Vidya Balan has made the film beautiful and the film is a female dominating one.

Rating: **** out of 5 stars

Verdict: A good entertainer.

Review On ‘Ra One

Ra One with its amazing amalgam of fantasy and reality lives up to its well hyped reputation. Superhero concept is nothing new to Hindi filmdom and Ra One perfectly fits into the lofty requirements of a superhero entertainer. Be it in the gigantic scale of operation or that of exhilarating performance; ‘Ra One’ does all it can to suit its tag. Not for a moment does the action packed extravaganza seem farfetched with irrelevant schemes of action.

Marked by a meaningful use of computer graphics; ‘Ra One’-makes for an adventurous journey into the realm of extra- ordinary. The journey with all its techno savvy brilliance and adept presentation is one worth experiencing. The chain of events leading to the entry of the ultimate- the superhero is not only worth experiencing; but is laden with moments to hold audience in frenzy. The same can be said about the situation related to train.

Revolving around the fascinatingly etched out sequences; the father- son relationship happens to be its main apex. Father’s toiled labor to fit into his son’s scheme of things; ultimately pays off when a gem of a game is designed. But instead of humans playing the game; the game starts controlling the adventure prone duo. The father-‘Sekhar’ with its creatively designed video game takes us to escalate realms of fantasy. But ironically; the game withers into extinction with the intervention of wickedly manipulating super villain.

The father uses all his determination and technological dexterity to shape out Ra One. Another character of fictitious mould also features as part of his plan. While Arjun Rampal takes on the role of Ra One; Sharukh Khan is seen delineating the second automation-G.One. The bone of contention develops with Ra One’s intention of killing Prateek. It is here that genially oriented G One fights out the despicable villain using all his potential. He takes on the role of android to shell out the existence of Ra One. Visual dynamism is aptly handled and that shapes it out as an ideal entertainer for kids as well as adults. Screenplay steeped with all its twists, climaxes and sudden turns is found advancing at a feverish pace.

With all its dramatically appealing moments and striking resemblance to elements marking science fiction; Ra One manages to entertain its viewers. Despite exploring the realm of unreal, that of fantasy and fiction; the flick’s essential norm of communication is relatable and identifiable. S.R.K does justice to both the roles cut out for him- one as a loving father and another of a friendly superhero with all its physical challenges. Numbers of this fascinatingly grand science fiction is worth looking forward to. Kareena looks elegantly ethereal in the number’Chhamak Chhallo’. Equally efficient is the delineation of Arjun Rampal- superhero donning the villainous garb. But, the kid Armaan Varma who has a stellar role to offer lives up to his potential in matching the likes of S.R.K, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal. The boy’s potential to match the film’s dynamism is as admirable as that of his senior counterparts.

Despite, having several strands lining the narrative; the movie’s smooth flow of movement and gradually unfolding scheme of events are worth looking forward to. In this respect, the stellar contribution of the director Anubhav Sinha deserves all applause. Notwithstanding, its expanded scale of operations; screenplay, plot and song sequences are intrinsically blended with one another to keep viewers in captivating sway. Encapsulating the necessary ingredients of a record breaking blockbuster; ‘Ra One’ manages to strike a meaningful bond with film going crowd. To sum it all up, it can be safely asserted that ‘Ra One’ does not even fall an inch short of all its preceding publicity.

RATING : 3.5/10