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Actress Sukumari passed away

Malayalam cine artist Padmasree Sukumari passed away at 5pm today. She was admitted at a private hospital in Chennai a week ago due serious burn that occured while she was lighteing the temple lamp. As per the medical bulletin the main reason behind her demise is cardiac arrest.

A few days ago Tamilnadu Cheif minister Jayalalitha visited her at the hospital and stated to the media that it was really a shock to see her dearest friend in such a situvation and also she requested the doctors at Global hospital at Chennai to give maximum care to her beloved friend and colleague.

Actress Sukumari is well known for her talent in acting. She started her career in the film industry with her debut “Orarivu”.She also showcased her talent in more than 2500 films . Her performance Orarivu had given tremendous opening in malayalam industry. In 2003 she was awarded with Padmasree by Government of India for her devotion in acting . She was also honored with many awards from different film industries .She acted with many super stars like Mohanlal, Mammootty , Vijay ,Dileep etc..

Lakshmi denies reports that she is interested only in Kannada movies

Actress Lakshmi Rai has denied reports that she wants to act only in Kannada movies. The actress is originally from Karnataka, where she was born in Bangalore on 5th May 1989. She was brought up in Belgaum. Some tabloids reported that she more interested in doing films in her mother tongue and would be satisfied enough if fans in Karnataka alone liked her films.

Denying it Lakshmi said, “How can I say so? As an actress, I treat audience from all the States equal and there is no preference in that. I have been misquoted.”

Her Telugu film ‘Rebel’ has been declared a hit. She is also happy with the response to her recently released film, ‘Thaandavam’.

Lakshmi has also signed a new movie in Tollywood. The director of the movie is Kodi Ramakrishna. Speaking on the director and his brand of movies Lakshmi said, “I feel I am very lucky to have bagged this role. Kodi is a fantastic director to work with. His films are always heroine-centric. It is very rare for an actress to get such a performance-oriented role. I will have more scope to exhibit my acting prowess in this film.”

Meanwhile Lakshmi is also busy due to her sister’s wedding.

Jayam Ravi to take on Australian Wrestler in Boologam

Kollywood actor Jayam Ravi has tough fight on hand .He has signed in N Kalyana Krishnan’s action thriller, Boologam. Jayam will play the role of a boxer.

The latest news is that Jayam opponent in the movie will be none other than, Heavyweight Champion, Nathan Jones. The 6 feet 10 inches giant will surely be a hard fight for Jayam. The ex-wrestler has acted in many Hollywood films, like Troy (2004), Fearless (2006) , Conan the Barbarian (2011) . He also has a 2013 Hollywood movie coming up Mad Max: Fury Road.

Director Krishnan says that the he has done extensive research over the past five years in boxing. The research envisaged both Tamil Nadu and the international arena. He also promised that Boologam would be an exceptional film. Jayam is training specially for that movie. A new look for him is being researched. He will also have to add on more weight and tone up his body to look like a real boxer.

Trisha Krishnan is supposed to play the female lead in the film. Her last film Bodyguard with Duggabati Venkatesh was a major hit in 2012. The music director of Boologam is Srikanth Deva.

Salman turns advisor for YRF!

Salman and Yash Raj productions had never worked before the film “Ek Tha Tiger”. Ek Tha Tiger has been the highest grosser of the year. The film crossed the 150 crore mark and raked in moolahs worth 180 crore.

There are side-effects to every partnership and here comes the latest on this. Salman has advised Yash Raj Films to hire Sudesh Naag’s – his make-up man- security agency to provide the stars with protection inside the Andheri- based studio. Salman Khan is known to come to the help of the people who are in his good books and Sudesh is definitely one such person.

Ronit Roy’s security agency had been till now providing protection to all the actors the film production house would work with. It was also in the news earlier that the studio had to tweak some of their rules to fit in Salman’s demands and now this.

The source states, “A call from Salman went to YRF and they immediately took his advice. However, they have not terminated Ronit’s contract and the work will be equally divided between the two companies.” The official spokesperson of YRF has stated, “We work with both the agencies for our multiple projects.”

2011 movie Muni 2: Kanchana to be released in 3D

Then 2011 Tamil movie Kanchana was indeed unique. Most ghost stories seldom have an element of humor in it . Kanchana breached that barrier and presented itself in such a way that it became a complete family entertainer.

Well the good news is the movie is now going to be released in 3D. Kanchana was directed by Raghava Lawrence. It was a sequel to his earlier movie Muni, which as released in 2007. That the 3D version is indeed coming has been confirmed by producer, Bellamkonda Suresh. He said, “The conversion process started a couple of days back and it is a bit tedious. The team is confident of converting the whole move into 3-D in six months.” The highlight of the 3D version is said to be a special item song by Lawrence and Lakshmi Rai. Lakshmi played the role of Priya, in the 2D version .She was the love interest of Lawrence in the movie.

Raghava was superb in his role, as was Sarath Kumar as the transgender women. The action scenes would indeed be a treat to watch in 3D. Hope it turns out to be as successful as the 2D version.

Nayan to Be Seen as Director to Shoot Next Movies

Till now, Nayanthara has received caustic remarks, feedbacks and ultra-light gossips revolving her private affairs. Detachment from her lover is an incident which can not be wiped out immediately.

At the same time, her comeback to the silver screen industry is a milestone for directors and producers for utilizing her artistic sensibilities, physical elegance and acting caliber which are sumptuous assets of this actress.

On the other hand, it has been spreading like a ball of fire that this sexy actress is preparing surreptitiously to direct upcoming movies. It is an excellent decision.

She is a maverick actress with vast experiences in the sphere of acting for a long time. Undoubtedly, she will put 100 percent personal effort to direct movies. Right now this sexy actress is playing in Vishnu Vardhan’s movie which will be completed in Tamil version. She is taking a short term brush-up training from the director.

In this Tamil movie, hero will be Ajith whose daring personality and dashing personality must bring smiles back to million teenage girls who like to watch their favorite hero acting in a care free manner. Aiya and Tapasee are other faces which will be found in acting with Nayan. In a press release, the director appreciates the Nayan’s analytical skill, close observation, and meticulous analysis for the sake of proper characterization.

Sheela and Jayabharathi return to the industry with the movie “Sir C.P”

One cannot imagine 60s and 70s Malayalam cinema without Sheela and Jayabharathi. Both these legendary beauties join hands with Kunchacko Boban in the movie “Sir. C.P” which will be directed by M. Padmakumar

Sir C.P Ramaswamy Iyer was a historical character- he was the diwan of Travancore. However, the movie does not directly related to his life. One can think of this as a modern interpretation of the famous Diwan. The character played by Kunchacko Boban in the movie possesses the same character traits as the legendary Diwan. This is the factor that gives the movie its name.

The Diwan of Travancore was a bold, popular and arrogant man. The character portrayed by Kunchacho Boban would also share these traits. The other characters of the movie are still being decided. S. Suresh Babu has written the screenplay for the movie. Though Sheela and Jayabharathi play important roles in the movie, the details about their characters have not yet been revealed.

One can certainly expect a fresh story out of this movie. It is sure that Kunchacko Boban’s character is an interesting one and it is certainly going to be amazing to see Sheela and Jayabharathi share the screen after so many years.

Mammooty to make a movie with debut director Shibu Gangadharan

Mammooty is all set to star in a Malayalam movie “Praise the Lord”. The movie will have him playing the role of a farmer. It is being directed by Shibu Gangadharan, who makes his debut as a director with the help of this movie. Shibu has worked as the director assistant of Rajeev Nath.

Praise the Lord is a screen adaptation of a novella written by Zacharia, of the same name. The story revolves around a farmer who is based in Pala. Joy, the former, is not aware of the world beyond Pala as he has never explored any other territories. But when two lovers enter his life, they also change his outlook and his life. Mammooty acts as the lead- the farmer, Joy. This movie is being produced by Manoj Menon, under Reels Magic. The movie has been written by T.P Devarajan.

This movie is certainly going to win accolades because it marks the debut of Shibu Gangadharan as an independent director. He is one of the very few who want to make their debut through Malayalam movie. The director has also claimed that the movie has stayed true to the novella of the same name, which certainly makes it interesting to look forward to.

Learn more about Ananya’s dual role

Ananya, the star of Engeyum Eppodhum has been silent about her life for quite a while now- ever since her engagement to Anjaneyan was announced. However, her professional life has been quite active as everybody has observed. She has taken up a lot of new projects in the Mollywood industry as well.

While the actress still remains silent about her marriage (which brings much disappointment to her fans), she has provided the media with information about her latest project. She has signed up for Raktha Rakshas- a 3D movie in Malayalam, where she plays a dual role. The roles she’s snagged are that of twin sisters, out of which one is a ghost! This role has certainly been eating up a lot of her time, especially since she has been doing a lot of midnight shots. This is an interesting role and Ananya is sure that she is going to win accolades for this one.

Ananya is not involved in any projects in Tamil and her latest Kannada movie, Gokula Krishna is ready for release. This actress certainly has a lot in her plate and a lot to offer her fans!

Perarasu to Direct the Sequel to Samrajyam

Twenty one years after Mammootty’s Samrajyam hit the theatres to make history in the Malayalam film industry, its sequel is set to get rolling. This sequel, to be named Son of Alexander will be directed by Perarasu. Perarasu’s shot to glory through the Tamil films like Thiruppachi, Sivakasi, Thiruppathy and Pazhani.

The original film which was directed by Joemon told the audiences a captivating story about the dark alleyways of the underworld which was not always confined to the less illustrious parts of the society. The lead role was played by the legendary Mammootty. The character was named Alexander and it is quite obvious from the name of the sequel that it revolves around the son of this Alexander. The locus of the two films is sure to remind one of the Sarkar films or the mythical Godfather trio.

Though it has been decided that one of Trisha and Asin will play the lead woman, no actor has yet been finalised to play the male protagonist and central character of the film. Ajmal Hassan and Baiju Adityan are producing this film and have declared that this will be one of the most expensive films ever in Malayali cinema. This film, expected to be released around Christmas will have Prakash Raj, Arjun, Manoj K. Jayan, Biju Menon and Sooraj Venjaramood in it, playing the negative roles. Shafeek will write the screenplay while the music will be scored by R.A. Shefeer.