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Sandalwood’s Rishika supposed to feature in Gautham Menon’s Malayalam film

As the non stop migration of heroines from Kerala to Tamil movies continues to be unabated, here is one such girl from Kannada films who has been trying to make into the Malayalam films. Rishika from the world of Kannada films is the daughter of the famous director Rajendra Singh Babu. The actress has created vast excitement some time back when she posed nude by applying paint to her entire body for a promotional campaign in order to promote her latest movie in Kannada. Despite protests by some activists of women rights who objected to this act of her and demanded an apology from her, she refused to move from this act. This actress has also done two piece swim wear in movies and has declared earlier that she did not have any objection to appear glamorously in the films so far as the script justifies it.

Rishika is now supposed to play the lead in Gautham Menon’s debut film in Malayalam. The actress who has recently paid a visit to the office of Photon Kathas, the production house of Menon in Chennai, has appeared in the test shoot to be a part of Menon’s Malayalam film. However, it is not sure if Menon would be satisfied with the photo shoot or not.

Sudeep to act in the remake of ‘Kick’

As per reports, Kicha Sudeep who has tasted the success in ‘Vishnuvardhana’ would be seen in the remake of the film ‘Kick’ which is a Telugu blockbuster. This upcoming movie is to be directed by A Harsha and would be produced by N Kumar. Rumours say that Sudeep has agreed for the film. It reveals that the Kannada actor had committed in long time back to act in a film being produced by N Kumar but could not work together for some reasons. It is now when the producer has acquired the rights to remake ‘Kick’ has convinced the actor to act in the film. It is expected that the director A Harsha would start scripting for the film by next month. The proposed project is expected to take off by May 2012.

We have to wait further for more details on this. Let us assume that all details will be revealed soon and we will come to see a good film. Nothing can be said more and we can just keep waiting and guessing what might come our way. We hope that everything goes on well and a good film is made for the audience.

Second Marriage for Director S Mahender

It is after his split up with his wife Shruti, the director S Mahender again ties the knot with Yashodha, a village girl in Mysore on the 3rd of February. Yashodha is an MA Economics student. The news has been confirmed by the director himself who hs said that more information on this will be released as soon as he reaches Bengaluru. The director was in Mysore at the time of contact.

Bad luck hit the director S Mahender when his actress wife filed a divorce in 2009. it also threw bad impact in Shruti’s life as well. She lost position in the BJP for divorcing her husband and in that case the director from the same party had to keep silent. The divorce ended the 13 year old relationship. As per the director, members of his family permitted him to remarry. He further added that Yashodha was a distant relative and they have to face life as it comes and there is no escape from this. He along with his family went to the temple and then exchanged garlands to marry Yashodha. After the split up of 13 year old relationship let us see how this second marriage works for S Mahender.

Kannada Actor Karibasavaiah Dead

Death is painful and disastrous. However it is also unbeaten, irresistible and invincible. The sudden demise of Karibasavaiah will surely dampen the whole Kannada entertainment industry. This talented comedian-actor has left for heaven today at noon. A team of doctors were busy to try their best to bring back light to his eyes. He was tossing in pain and exhaustion. However, nothing can be done when pony of Death comes at the doorstep to take someone to heaven. It is mysterious. However, none can change the law of N the Supreme Authority of the universe. Doctors at Pristine Hospital located in Bengaluru pronounced death of this talented actor who had succumbed to injuries due to street accident. He has participated into approximately 100 movies as an actor. His first movie is ‘Undu Hodha Kondu Hodha’. A reliable source has confirmed that this celebrity was suffering from mental depression, and lack of confidence because of the forceful death of Radha, his daughter, who committed suicide long way back. Everyone in the Kannada movie industry has not taken this caustic truth. They have had a vitriolic experience when they have got the painful news about the departure of the soul of this genius for resting in paradise. A one-minute silence has been maintained in different box offices and studios to salute the lost soul. When contacted, there was no spokesperson found for giving their statements from the side of the deceased’s family.

Upendra’s role in Aarakshaka: a suspense

With just 72 hours away from the release of the film, Upendra’s looks in ‘Aarakshaka’ has raised new speculation about his role in the film. Rumours say that this Real Star will be playing dual roles in his upcoming film which is directed by P Vasu. If rumours are to be believed, Upendra is portrayed both as a cop and a psychopath in the film. The poster released also gives us a glimpse into the dual nature of his character. However, this news has neither been confirmed by Upendra nor by the director P Vasu. In this connection, it can be recalled that this actor was earlier seen in dual roles in the film titled ‘Superstar’. He was also seen performing triple role in Hollywood. Inspite of his efforts, both these films were commercial flops. In the meantime, his upcoming film ‘Aarakshaka’ is all set to hit the silver screen on the 27th of January. In this film, Sadha and Ragini Dwivedi are in the lead roles.

To conclude, let us see how this film progresses and what it does in the box office. We hope that this film will do well and will come out successfully.

Muthappa Rai plays don for Upendra

Muthappa Rai, the underworld don might have to adopt his style of working like going to some extent to see his enemy is no longer the same for him again. He is set to play the baddie in the latest film titled ‘Katari Veera Surasundarangi’ by Upendra. The buzz about Muthappa Rai being signed for the role of a villain is making its rounds. It is heard that both Rai and Uppi will be playing the role of a villain and are placed as rivals in the next Kannada movie. Sources reveal that the dialogues for the ex-don are written with special interest. The movie also has Ramya who plays the role of Apsara in the film. Keeping aside her, Ambareesh is also another lead role in the movie. This film is being directed by Suresh Krishna who is of Kadamba fame.

We hope this film will be a successful one with all the characters playing their roles well. Let us wait to see the outcome of the film and hope that it will come upto the expectation of its audience. So let see whats next. All the best!!!

Bulldozers crush Bengal Tigers

The match that started in Sarjah on the 13th of January was playing the first match at the KSCA stadium in India. On the eve of the Sankranthi festival, it’s a grand feast for the Karnataka Bulldozers because they beat the Bengal Tigers which is a newcomer like Kerala in the season 2 of CCL. The T20 match which started at 6 pm on Sunday was at first batted by Karnataka Bulldozers. The local team scored 252 runs while losing just three wickets in 20 over. Bengal Tigers batting second made a minimum score of 157 runs by losing six wickets.

Darshan and Sudeep were the main attractions for the team of Karnataka in CCL2. Both of them made scores of 15 and 13 runs respectively. Darshan remained not out. Rajiv scored 91 and Bhaskar scored 75 runs for their team. Some great personalities like Actress Sridevi, Sarathkumar, Bony Kapoor, Ambarish, Radhika and DK Shivakumar, Raghavendra Rajakumar and others were present in the stadium to watch the match. This seems to be an exciting match and was an interesting one to watch and people enjoyed much sitting in the ground watching the match.

15 directors in ‘Prem Adda’

It is the first time ever that MS Ramesh, the President of Directors Association in Kannada cinema is playing a role with 14 directors in ‘Prem Adda’ which was on floors at the Kanteerava studio in the festival of Sankranthi. The muhurut was attended by DK Shivakumar, Puneeth Rajakumar Rakshita Prem and many others. Mahesh Babu the director of many films is the director cum actor Prem for the first time ever. He in his 50 days time is to shoot in Kollegal surroundings with the same accent of language. The dialogues are being written by Malavalli Saikrishna while camera is being handled by Arun Prasad. In the words of Mahesh Babu the subject in this film is universal and the purpose is good.

The role of Prem suits him well. As disclosed by Prem this film speaks of the misuse of youth by local politicians. V Harikrishna gave four tunes and scored one balance while in the original ‘Subramanyapura’ were three songs with the film having lags at some portions. Actress Kriti Karbanda states that she has not yet watched the part of the heroine in the original one and will watch it only after the release of her film.

Prakash Raj to remake ‘Salt N Pepper’ in three languages

The Malayalam film titled ‘Salt N Pepper’ which focuses on food and taste will be remade in three regional languages namely Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. Prakash Raj, the actor has brought the right for the remake of the Aashiq Abu film. Duet Movies, Production Company of Prakash Raj is said to produce the film in these languages simultaneously. The cast for the film is soon progressing. This super hit movie which is directed by Aashiq Abu is a romantic comedy and it is in news that actor Prakash Raj has chosen this film titled “Salt N Pepper” for a remake and that too in three different languages.

Sources reveal that he was impressed by the Malayalam film and has immediately approached the producers of the film in order to sign a deal for the remake of the film. However, other details are still under wraps. We have to wait for more information on this. Till then let us wait patiently for more news to come our way. We hope this project will come out successful and the remake of the film will be as good as the original one. We wish success and good luck for the film and its cast.

Heat Me Up If You Can – Pooja in Her Naked Body to Shake Young Hearts

‘Pooja! How fantastic would it have been, should you have given me a hot and careless smack as a token of love and appreciation!’ Hold on, this is not any personal comment but every teenage school boy must be dreaming of embracing sexy, juicy, hot and sizzling Pooja and whispering in this way as someone told a reporter about his deep wish to watch erotic Pooja stripping her tight and then her panty in front of a gang of unwanted elements in Dandupalya. Yes, that’s true. Believe it or not, Pooja Gandhi has appeared fully naked in Dandupalya. Her bravery and wild sexual instinct are unbeaten and appreciable.

However in her personal feedback, she has changed the format of her statement by claiming that she always honors seniors but for the sake of importance of sequence, Pooja Gandhi has given her consent for stripping clothes to arouse libido and orgasm. Feel hot when you will keep glued to soft lounger at your living room to watch this colorful hot movie. Pooja is totally erotic and fully hot when her tight boobs are swinging and bouncing wildly to intoxicate a gang of antisocial rascals to squeeze information. Her appearance in this movie will be as an informant or a spy of a detective agency.

Now, it is up to the viewers how they will accept this hot episode. Rumors are still hovering that she will perform in more erotic movies in future if she is paid well. Whatever it may be, Pooja has now become a real hotspot to entertainment world.