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Modhala Minchu kannada movie review

Modhala Minchu is the movie which has been directed by Wesley Brown. For Heaven’s shake! Please stop giving false presentation and fake identification. You can start in this way blaming the director. Wesley is a guy who has taken care of several portfolio as story writer, producer, dialogue creator, cameraman, cinematographer and screenplay writer. However, ultimately, this gentleman is not well acquainted with the move directing. The final outcome of this movie is very pathetic.

In the story, two lovers have to face lot of hardships and troubles due to their abrupt decision and whimsical mindsets to plunge into darkness unknowingly. The story begins at a snail’s pace. In a rural area, a servant played by Doddanna lives. His name is Ravi. He looks innocent and harmless. He has married Mala who lives in the same village. Now, the breakthrough takes place with the coming of Divya played by Supritha. She is a student in medicine. She has a prior engagement with Rakesh who is a businessman. However, a problem starts when she dreams of Ravi. She has met him. On the other hand, Rakesh’s attitude is not preferred by Divya. He is arrogant and boastful. Ravi likes her. Both have fallen in love. Now Rakesh tries to take revenge. In this way, the movie ends up.

This movie will not bring success due to artistic lackluster, poor cinematography, substandard presentation of dialogues, and to top it all abrupt switchover in distorting the flow of the movie. Supritha is beautiful and sexy. However she is not much more to make the movie more presentable. Wesley should learn how to move camera before shooting the movie. Abhi is the debutant in this movie but he has a lack of skill and experience.

Verdict: The overall performance of the director is very bad. The pitiable condition of total team is prominent. Technical portion is not high water mark. This movie will not be popular after hitting the box office.

Rating: 1.75/5

Romeo kannada movie review

Romeo, A man who is devoted to lovemaking or the pursuit of love.This is the what the actor Ganesh conveys through his new movie Romeo up to some extent.The story of the movie is like this Ganesh act as a rich person to get attraction from sruthy (bhavana).Finally he get accepted by the heroine and they decide to marry in a register office and they become couples .When sruthi realizes that Ganesh is not a rich persons he decide to divorce him and she go to her father and her father finds a new proposal for her with a boy in U.S.The second half starts with ganesha becomes rich through his efforts and then will come back to bhavana for her love but eventhough she loves him he will not accept him and the rest you can be enjoyed at theaters near you.The movie comes under the category watchable and it is recommended for a one time watch
-Music of the movie is good
-Bhavana performed well even though the dub was not apt
-Rangayana and sadhu performed well
-Good dialogues
-Shekar ,the director forgot about some love concepts
-Dubbing for bhavana drained her performance
-Miss placement of the song Alochane Aradhana ….

Rating : 3/5

Verdict :Recommended for one time watch

Adhuri Movie Review – A High Flavorful Romantic Movie to Boost up Young Hearts

Adhuri will entice teenage sweethearts for sweet quips, speedy dialogues and superb presentation of both Radhika in the leading role of Poorna and Sarja acting as Arjun. His affection towards Radhika is strongly felt in every episode. At the same time, the charismatic glow of sweet Radhika will surely win million hearts of young dudes. They are quite impressive in Adhuri.

The director AP has confirmed the introduction of new faces to his fans who will have passion for watching the brilliant actors performing excellently in Adhuri. In this movie, you will find the touch of ultra-light romantic luster. It brings two hearts together for forming an everlasting friendship. The strong romantic flavor has been punched into Adhuri to make it more glamorous and eye-catching.

The story begins in this way. Arjun and Poorna are young and energetic persons who like to swim in the frothy soap suds of dreamy enchantment. Love is so sweet. You need to look back to feel someone whispering just behind your image. Poorna has expressed her gentle love for Arjun. They are agreed to get married prior to the strong decision taken by their parents to drive a wedge between them. However, the wheel of fortune doesn’t always run smoothly on the texture. Arjun didn’t appear in the pre-fixed time to sign the marriage bond paper at the registration office. Poorna waited to see her caustic downfall. In that case, the director has applied her innovative ideas and powerful imagination to showcase the painful separation and hallucination. Poorna decided to marry Tarun who is a software engineer. Romance knows no limitation. It always glows and shines. In spite of marriage, Poorna and Arjun have become bosom friends. Now, viewers will have to make a proper evaluation.

Radhika is always cute. Her attractive smile and razor sharp façade are assets the director has used her talent properly. Sarja is also dashing. However, to some extent, his large nose can be problematic for Poorna to strike him with hot kisses. Let the matter drop alone. They are friends now and their appearance is quite appreciable in this high voltage romantic movie Adhuri.

The screenplay is ok. Though sometimes it seems that there is a slight vacuum in the love scenes, the overall outcome is excellent due to the delivery of meaningful dialogues and unforgettable exchange of smiles to soothe mind of young lovers.

Rating: 9/10

Verdict: Adhuri has the speed, dynamism and smooth flow of friendship. It will give some beautiful moments to young hearts for enjoying the romantic venture.

Crazy Loka kannada movie Review

The movie Crazy Loka reveals the story of a persons ambition for education and society.The story is that Basavaraja Kattimani (V Ravichandran) is awarded a doctorate for doing welfare services to the society by a University. At the day of his award his rival Sadashiva (Srinivasa Prabhu) teases him and will ask him to obtain atleast first year PUC certificate and his rival challenges him. Taking the challenge in mind Basavaraja Kattimani joins the college. The thrill is that his son Abhay (Soorya) is also studying at the same college .More than learning for a PUC certificate Basu tries to teach the humanity of life and non academic things to his younger students.The later lead of the movie is Basu falls in love with Sarala (Daisy Boppana) . The later sessions can be enjoyed by you at theaters near you.
Its of a great shock to the bigscreen viewers, why such a subject was selected by the senior director Kavitha Lankesh. V ravichandra the love master of Kannada cinema has failed in selecting such a movie to reach the audience. In simple sense we can easily say the movie will surely affect the romantic image of V Ravichandra. The screen play of the movie seemed to be lagging .
While telling about the performance of v Ravichandra it was just ok. Daisy Boppana has an average role in this film. Avinash and Bharathi Vishnuvardhana are lively. Harshika and Soorya as young pair are tolerable.
The technical side of the movie includes a good cameraman and music director (AC Mahendran, Manikanth Khadri).

Verdict :The movie review in one sentence is not recommended for watching

Rating : 2/5

Rana Kannada movie review

A movie packed and loaded with action which conveys a message to youth “how their life become worst when we practice a criminal offense .The story is that FOUR YOUTH (Soori, Manja, Madha and Siddha ) from a village comes to the city and enter in to a brutal act of murdering a strong rowdy Dhum kumar.Thus they earns a good name and start loving four different girls.The later lead of the movie is fully covered with romance and thrills.The remaining part of the story reveals how that brutal act which they had done earlier affect their future life and how they face all this troubles .The rest you can enjoy at the big screen.
While analyzing the movie, from the beginning itself we will feel that the story holds a repeated theme of many movies the big screen had projected in its past days.Mr. Srinivasamurthy who is new to the industry as a director had gone wrong in his selection about the script of his very first movie . It is of no doubt that the movie will drain the image of the director and Pankaj Narayan who is the hero of the movie.
In a film with full of action how best the actors chase, fight and use their tricks only matters. The action sequences of the movie is substandard. Pankaj Narayan performance was ok but his choice of choosing this movie was a bad decision. The performance of the heroines seemed average. Sonia Gowda as blind heroine, Supritha as mad girl, Spoorthi as disenchanted wife are tolerable. The performances of Shobaraj and Ambarish comes under an ok category
Only one song in the movie seemed to be ok but the others are not up to the mark and there is nothing good to say about the editing of the movie.
Rating :2/5

Verdict :Below Average

Bhagirathi kannada movie Review

Movie Bhagrathi reveals historic past and superstitious beliefs that existed in the past. Director Dr Baraguru Ramachandrappa tries to give his audience a story of sacrifice through Bhagrathi.The story is that Bhagirathi (Bhavana) and Mahadevaraya (Kishore) starts loving each other and marry after a few years.The story rise with the issue of a lake which has no water . Mahadevaraya is a soldier in the army of a king and on his absence the priest of the village tells that a daughter in law from the village head family should sacrifice her life inorder to make the lake productive .By hearing this words from the mouth of the village priest the two daughter in laws of the village head family will get upset .The role of two daughter in laws are played by Bhagirathi (Bhavana) and Mallavva (Thara) .At the time for the ceremony of sacrifice the village priest announces the name of Bhagirathi (Bhavana) and she happily sacrifice her life for the village and after a few moments her husband Mahadevaraya (Kishore) also dies at the same place in memory of his ever loving wife.
This story could have been effective if it was in a TV serial but such type of story in todays bigscreen will not withstand because such type of superstitious stories can’t satisfy the present audience even childrens.The director of the movie had worked for the movie very well. This can be understood easily from the screenplay itself.The three well written song by the director also makes the movie a little bit interesting but he failed in selecting a story according to the current trend.
The charecters seemed to be unfit for Kishore and Bhavana .They tried to perform better but their looks faded their performance.The music by Manohar is also good.The review of the movie in one scentence is that one can watch the movie if he has some interest in historic past.

Rating :1.75/5

Verdict : Disappointing . Not a commercial one..

Jaanu kannada movie review

Jaanu,the immense love of one to the other as the name suggest the movie jaanu is all about the love bond between a father,his daughter and her love.The story starts like this Rukmini (Deepa Sannidhi) just for a joy comes to mysore to see mysore dasara without informing her parents who lives at Belgaum .But after coming to mysore she realizes that it was not the season for mysore dasra and she will lose all her money at mysore.The real story begins at a restaurant owned by Siddarth and Ramaiah (Yash and Rangayana Raghu).Rukmini because of her hunger eats food for Rs 800/ and tells the bearer that she don’t have money to pay Siddarth become baffled when Rukmini ask him to give place to stay for the night. On the next day Ramaiah Ramaih asks Siddarth to take Rukmini to her home at Belgaum .Due to high pressure from Ramaih ,siddarth agrees to take care of her . In that journey from Mysore to Belgaum they become friends as quiet natural.When siddarth brings back rukhmini her father Rudregowda (Shobaraj) will become violent and beat siddarth with his men.This incident will saw the seeds of love in the minds of Rukmini and then she expresses her love to Siddarth and their love starts their but soon both of them become shocked when Rukminis father announces her engagement with another boy .The later lead of the story can be enjoyed by you at cinema’s near you.

The movie comes under a category of watchable even though the movie repeats the same dilemma like other movies which had become so popular earlier .The journey of the hero and heroine seemed to create a lag in the movie in between .The only thing that is different in the movie is that the climax part which seemed to be very interesting and this portion of the movie gives the viewers a fresh experience.Ed iting of the movie only comes to an average level because at the middle part of the movie there comes continuous fights and songs which made the viewers bored. The over all view about the movie is that Director Preetham Gubbi failed to give a different experience to the viewers .
The performances of the hero and heroine seemed to be pretty good in their actions,expressions and looks.The camera work by Krishna added up a cooling experience to the viewers .The other works like choreography,cinematography,music all seemed to be of an average category.

Rating :2.75

Verdict:- Watchable , Good for one time watch

Anna Bond kannada movie review

The film is based on a social servant who is of a different type. Bond Ravi played by Puneeth Rajakumar is the one who likes to help others and for doing so he has to face many obstacles coming his way. He is an expert in Karate and it so happens that one day he sees Meera played by Priyamani in a bus and falls in love with her. She comes to the village where Bond Ravi was staying with Divya played by Nidhi Subbaiah, who is the friend of Meera for making a documentary film. At this time his love increases further but Meera leaves the village telling him to make something big in life and for this statement he leaves the village accompanied by Rangayana Raghu, and on the way is taken by a military for a mistaken identity. It came to be that he was there to treat Chandrakanth, who is a former official in the army. At this point shoot out starts from Charlie played by Jackie Shroff. Drug mafia Charlie is in search of his daughter but sadly enough he kills his daughter Divya. The rest of the story is the revenge between Charlie and Bond Ravi.

The action sequence in the film is mind blowing but is nothing new for Puneeth Rajakumar films. In the storyline also Dhuniya Soori, the director is not different from his earlier super hit movies. Puneeth Rajakumar fails in narrating the sensitive issues. The love affair is also not refreshing and the character of Nidhi Subbaiah does not add much strength to the film. Moving on to the performance of the characters, Puneeth does not disappoint the audience so far as the action sequences are concerned. Yet there is something which is to be thought for the actor, he should think of new thoughts and something sensational adding to his performance. Priyamani did her job well. Rangayana Raghu wins praise for his delivery of dialogues while Jackie Shroff looks tired and his Kannada diction is a minus point to the film.

The music of the film was scored by V Harikrishna and was well suited and Choreographer Imran Sardaria has proved his talent. Editing is good. All in all it was an average film.

Rating: 3.5/5

Verdict: an average film with nothing new in it.

Kannada film features a song on Abdul Kalam

It is for the first time that a song is written on the life of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the former President of India in Kannada for the movie titled ‘Belakinadege’. The film is made for all the classes of the society and has been cleared by the Regional Censor Board with U certificate. It was a play written by Hamsalekha which was based on a Bengal novel that has won 7 awards. The song which is written on Dr Abdul Kalam is sung by Latha Hamsalekha and B Jayasri RS member. The team members of the film want to show the song to Dr Kalam in next few days.

The director and producer of the film is Thulasi films J Ramesh Kumar Jain. Karibasavaiah who has acted in the film has passed away recently. The music in this film is scored by Kumar Ishwar and camera is handled by Gundlupet Suresh. Editing is done by Sri while Revanna is the art director. The choreographers in the film are Santosh and Sadha Raghav. Other characters in the film include Gururaj Hoskote, Mohan Juneja, Kashi, Suchitra, Chamba Shetty, Master Manjunath, Master Chiranjeevi and many others.

Veena Mallik to feature in Kannada ‘Dirty Picture’

Veena Mallik, who posed nude for a magazine and has made big news in the reality show Big Boss-4 is at present the central point in Kannada films as Venkatappa, the producer of the film ‘Ganga Cauvery’ roped in her for the character of Silk in the Kannada film titled ‘Dirty Picture’. It is what the popular actress Vidya Balan has made popular in the Hindi movie ‘Dirty Picture’ is now repeated by this daring and dashing actress Veena Malik in a Kannada film under the direction of Trishul. He has directed a film titled ‘Baaba’ some years back and is now handling the internationally acclaimed actress.

On being questioned about the permission for the remake of the film, the director has said that Hindi film makers did not seek any permission for making a film on the life of Silk Smitha. He says that the things that are not shown on Silk are shown in this film. Veena Mallik is to participate in the photo shoot on the 12th of May. Venkatappa’s son Akshay is the main hero in the film. What is interesting is that the actress will be shown in two piece, a costume wore Silk Smitha in South Indian films.