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Anna Bond kannada movie review

The film is based on a social servant who is of a different type. Bond Ravi played by Puneeth Rajakumar is the one who likes to help others and for doing so he has to face many obstacles coming his way. He is an expert in Karate and it so happens that one day he sees Meera played by Priyamani in a bus and falls in love with her. She comes to the village where Bond Ravi was staying with Divya played by Nidhi Subbaiah, who is the friend of Meera for making a documentary film. At this time his love increases further but Meera leaves the village telling him to make something big in life and for this statement he leaves the village accompanied by Rangayana Raghu, and on the way is taken by a military for a mistaken identity. It came to be that he was there to treat Chandrakanth, who is a former official in the army. At this point shoot out starts from Charlie played by Jackie Shroff. Drug mafia Charlie is in search of his daughter but sadly enough he kills his daughter Divya. The rest of the story is the revenge between Charlie and Bond Ravi.

The action sequence in the film is mind blowing but is nothing new for Puneeth Rajakumar films. In the storyline also Dhuniya Soori, the director is not different from his earlier super hit movies. Puneeth Rajakumar fails in narrating the sensitive issues. The love affair is also not refreshing and the character of Nidhi Subbaiah does not add much strength to the film. Moving on to the performance of the characters, Puneeth does not disappoint the audience so far as the action sequences are concerned. Yet there is something which is to be thought for the actor, he should think of new thoughts and something sensational adding to his performance. Priyamani did her job well. Rangayana Raghu wins praise for his delivery of dialogues while Jackie Shroff looks tired and his Kannada diction is a minus point to the film.

The music of the film was scored by V Harikrishna and was well suited and Choreographer Imran Sardaria has proved his talent. Editing is good. All in all it was an average film.

Rating: 3.5/5

Verdict: an average film with nothing new in it.

Govindyanamaha Kannada Movie Review

Govindyanamaha Movie Review

Cast: Komalkumar, Madhulika, Parul, Ana Barbara, Rekha Vedavyas

Producer: Suresh

Director: Paven Wadeyar

Music: Gurukiran

The film titled ‘Govindayanamaha’ is based on the story of a character called Govindu played by Komal Kumar, who is in a love relationship with four girls. Govindu is an opportunist and a trickster. He is in great shock when he really falls in love with one among the four girls. The stage is set on one of the tower of a building and the hero comes to end his life here. In this movie there is another hero who is a software engineer, a role played by Harish Raj who also comes there to suicide due to failure in love. Before committing suicide he narrates his story to Govindu who says that it is nothing compared to his tale. He in the technique of flash back narrates his relation with Mumtaz played by Parul, Vaidehi played by Madhulika and in between his narration he vomits due to consumption of poison. So Karthik, the software engineer brings him to the hospital where Mumtaz is a nurse and there also he continues to flirt with Sheela played by Rekha and Staisy played by Ana Georgia. The climax is with whom he finally settles with and Karthik looks for a better choice in his life.

Pawan Wadeyar, the debutant director concentrated on dialogues and histrionics. When the protagonist is a cheat he can’t be called a hero. He cheats hi s grandfather and leaves Vaidehi in lurch and in his state of drunkenness he says something that hurts Mumtaz, he ditches Staisy for the missing diamond ring and in the end when he finds Sheela sleeping with another man he is hurt. After all these done by him, he receives no punishment for his offence. The major negligence is in the dialogues of the film which seems to be aimed at the front benchers.

Komal Kumar fails to impress his audience. Parul does good job among all other heroines. Harish Raj did well and others were ok. The actual winner of the film is Gurukiran who has presented three good songs for the film. There is scope of improvement in the cinematography done by Suresh Babu. Editing was good.

Verdict: it is not much impressive to watch

Rating: 2.5/5

Nam Anna Don Kannada movie review

The film ‘Nam Anna Don’ is packed with touching contents, hilarious elements, doing good to society and transforming hearts etc. Dr Arjun played by Ramesh is a heart surgeon and lands up in a situation where he has to cure 22 kids of heart disease for free. The hospital management seems to be unhappy at this and does not render him support, rather they demands that the institution is to earn profit and not for social service. In the mean time, his girlfriend played by Mona Parvaresh and her brother Achyuth Rao brings in a dead body of a don played by Rajendra Karanth. The don’s brother played by Raju Thalikoti unaware of the death of his brother pleads to save him and claims that in return he would do anything for him. The rest of the story is the climax of the film.

Ramesh Aravind needs special attention for giving a noble message to doctors. His idea to tell it with comedy is praiseworthy. But he has made mistakes while presenting on celluloid. The screenplay was week. The first half failed to capture the attention of the audience while the second half was much better. The comic scenes are good at times. It can be said that Raju Thalikoti overshadowed Ramesh Aravind. The actress has nothing much to do in the film but was not impressive in whatever she was offered to do. However, Sanathini was ok and Rajendra Karanth in his double roles was good. Others like the debutant Sunaina Suresh, Achyuth Rao and Veena Bhat did justice to their roles. Music scored by Mathews Manu was not as expected but the background music was better and cinematography was also ok. In conclusion it can be said this is film with a noble message to the medical practitioners.

Rating: 3.5/5

Verdict: it is family entertainment movie delivering a noble message.

AK 56 kannada movie review

The film titled ‘AK 56’ is made after 10 years of the film ‘AK 47’ and also by the same director. The theme is based on the innocent without any inquiry tagged as terrorist. Instead of checking thoroughly the law enforcement comes to a conclusion thus spoiling the career of an innocent. It is portrayed very strongly in the court by the protagonist. Ajay played by Dr Siddanth who is a sales supervisor in a motor company is framed wrongly for handing a consignment to a terrorist unknowingly. He faces insults and the police do not show interest in his innocence. Ajay is from a reputed family and when the plea of his family members also falls in deaf ears he is sent to Hindalga Jail. In the meantime his mother Saraswathi played by Sumalatha loses her husband played by Sharat Babu. His mother decides that Ajay should run away from the jail and she hands over the task to four men on payment. Their plan succeeds but the torture continues. Ajay and his gang save the blast of KRS dam as planned by the terrorist leader Atul Kulkarni. Finally in the court Ajay is freed but he is not happy as he has lost eight months of his life and many valuables. However, outside the court, the Pakistani associated terrorist is shot down by Ajay as he show disrespect for his country.

It is an action thriller. Director N Omprakash Rao has focused strongly on the police who without crosschecking the one they frame and the trauma in the Indian system of Judiciary. So far as the performance of the characters is concerned, they are quite good. Dr Siddanth has struggled hard but the dubbing of Naveen Krishna has strengthened his role. Shirin has given her best performance. Sumalatha did very well, Lokanath is good as always. The dialogues are good. Music in this film are refreshing and Manohar has done good work with the camera.

Rating: 3/5

Verdict: all in all a good film

Tuglak kannada movie review

Tughlak in the present day is a confused person who is an indecisive person. The history personality Mohammad Bin Tuglak does not resemble the Tuglak of present day. The film titled ‘Tuglak’ is directed by Aravind Kaushik. Raghu played by Rakshin Shetty from his very childhood is always confused. Even as he grows up he is ina dilemma in every phase of life. He saves the life of Sonia and Sania played by Anisha Ummar and Meghana Gaonkar respectively and both of them proposes him. Now the question is who to accept. He accepts Sania and tells that his choice is Sonia. In the meantime he is asked to kill Medha who is his rival by Sonia’s brother, a don. As he agrees to kill him, his mind works differently that is why to kill someone just for the sake of love. Raghu at that time decides his love for Sania but before expressing it to her he is to complete the film. In this task he is offered with same scenes and as public demands he should not accept anyone, a flashback is seen Sania rejecting his proposal. He then turns to Sonia and she too rejects him and finally his friend Giri asks him to remain as friends and this is the end of the film.

This is a film with much confusion, the director trying to test the nerves of human brain. In this age of computers, the young generation does not want to spend a second taking decision. The protracted style of the director is so bad that it gives the feeling when it would end. However, the songs are good with the performances also quite impressive. Rakshit Shetty did a good job with his serenity quite touching at some places. Among the girls, Anisha Ummar is much glamorous while Meghna Gaonkar making a good attempt. As a don B Sutresha is irksome. Ballu is funny while Giri’s role is quite convincing.

The flash back technique is confusing as per the title of the film. Music in it is the main stay with the cinematography coming upto the mark.

Rating: 2.5/5

Verdict: a film full of confusion. It is good to decide before going to watch the movie.

Parijatha kannada movie review

The Kannada film titled ‘Parijatha’ is a remake of the film titled ‘Boss Engira Bhaskaran’ which was released in 2009. The story is based on a careless youth who falls in love with a teacher. The teachings of life with a good family around him form the crux of the film. Bhaskar popularly known as Boss played by Diganth is bowled over by the charm of Chandrika played by Aindrita Ray. Bhaskar is a good for nothing guy who could not pass PUC exam even after many attempts. He is caught cheating in the examination hall by Chandrika who is the invigilator. He is always helped by a barber friend played by Sharan. He loves her and she also reciprocates it but when he approaches her family, he is made fun of for his existence without a job. This insults him and urges him to start a tutorial for Class X students which earn him good profit but Chandrika’s father still does not accept him. So Chandrika has to agree for a different match with Raghu Mukherjee.

Diganth was good with his careless attitude although he did it in many earlier films. Aindrita was not as good as Nayanthara in the original but complements Diganth with her performance. Sharan was hilarious as usual. Raghu Mukherjee makes a guest appearance. The first part of the film was somewhat boring. Music by Mano Murthy was melodious, cinematography was also quite pleasing. The director Prabhu Srinivas remained faithful to the original one. Aindrita and Diganth make a good pair but this does not make a good film. In other words, there is nothing new in the film. So it is a so so film and those in love may like it.

Rating: 2.5/ 5

Verdict: it is a mediocre film and is for young generation. One in love may enjoy the film.

Bhavana Dances-Deepika Shakes- Million Hearts Throb Wildly-Enjoy Every Moment Watching Chingaari

Harsha is a talented director. However, he has also a special skill in choreography. Recently, he has made a bold attempt to shoot Chingaari which will hit the silver screen very soon. However, meanwhile CD albums of music have been released by the producer of the movie which will be gifted to people after premiere show. The movie will be packed with spices of chilly romance, soothing beauty of nature, shinning morning, romantic cruises, superb musical tunes, and colorful presentations of heroine and her associate.

Harsha is trying to make the movie more attractive. It will act as an agent to spread the message of love, friendship, joy, and romance. However, to some extent this upcoming movie suffers from the artistic lackluster halfway through the movie. Darshan is a genius actor but he will also have to struggle for getting appreciation as his expressions seem to be dull. He should learn how to express feelings accurately so that there will be alignment between the sequence of incidents and the way of presentation. That means he needs to brush up his personal skill to realize the magnitude of the importance of situation and he should know how to react perfectly to create an understandable ambience in which both actors and viewers must feel comfy to communicate and share their views.

On the other hand, Bhavna is really sexy and hot. Her strong sexual drive is palpable every moment. Way of her erotic expression is superb. She dances wildly to make someone hot. She is unbeaten. Deepika, the heroine, is the gift of God. She will be seen playing as a sweetheart of Darshan who will sacrifice a lot to save her from danger. Her charismatic eyes, arresting beauty and high voltage erotic desire will certainly attract teens to play truants for rushing to movie halls to have glimpses of sexy Deepika and of course cute Bhavana.

Rating: 4/5

Verdict: Chingaari is meant for romantic boys and gals. They will enjoy wild shaking of Bhavana and erotic gestures of Deepika. However, in terms of perfection in enhancing artistic luster and presentation of expletives, it suffers from a deep lacunae and lackluster.

Review of the film ‘Chingari’

Chingari Kannada Movie Review

Cast: Darshan, Deepika Kamaiah, Srujan Lokesh, Theju, Yashas Surya, Bhavana, Ramesh Bhat, Aruna Balaraj

Story, Screenplay, Direction: Harsha

Producers: Mahadev and Manu Gowda

Music: V Harikrishna

Cinematography: HC Venu

The film titled ‘Chingari’ directed by Harsha is not just a commercial movie but has in it some classy elements. This film is based on a CCB cop who saves his lover from human trafficking. CCB cop Parashuram played by Darshan does not reveal his identity to his fiancé Geetha played by Deepika Kamaiah which leads to disturbances in his life. Geetha unaware of her brother following wrong route is very much affectionate to her addicted brother and is shocked to see him dead. She holds Parashuram responsible. Being frustrated, she leaves for a guitar audition to be held in Switzerland with her friend Amrutha played by Theju. In this foreign country both of them are kidnapped. In the mean time the hero being aware of the fact reaches there to save the life of his love. Here he faces lot of obstacles and how finally saves the life of his fiancé forms the climax of the story.

Darshan, the main pillar of the movie carries the responsibility of making the film an interesting one. His looks are too good, his costumes, style and dialogue are underplayed in the film which is due to the fact that he is based in a foreign land. Deepika as a debutant deserves to be better. She looks appropriate for her role. Theju looks impressive portrayed a character better than Deepika. Music by V Harikrishna is perfect as usual. Camera was handled by HC Venu and captured beautifully the locations of Switzerland, while the stunts were handled by Ravi Verma. The director has moved ahead presenting a film with a tight screenplay and glossy style. It is perhaps his best film and more can be expected from this director.

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: it has the same subject of the success of good over the bad. The difference comes in the stage being set in Switzerland.

Review of the film “Sidlingu”

Sidlingu Movie Review

Cast: Yogish, Ramya, Suman Ranganathan, KP Sridhar, Girija Lokesh, Achyuth Kumar

Director: Vijayprasad

Producer: TP Siddaraju

Music: Anoop Seelin

“Sidlingu” is a movie with a beautiful story, extraordinary dialogues and songs assembled together. This romantic drama features Ramya, who is charming but is covered with double entendre which may not work well with family viewers. Yogish in it briefs his early age in a village near to Maddur. His love for sitting in a car makes him connect with people owning it and it clearly indicates his desire to have a car sometime later in his life. Mangals played by Ramya is a teacher and arrives when he leaves his hometown after the death of his parents. One of the qualities of Sidlingu is he is very straightforward. His straightforwardness is seen when asked by Andalamma, the lecturer what he loves in her, his answer being her chest. In that case he might be called dirty or a plain hearted man, but this does not matter at all as he is loved for his straight talks. His love for car plays a vital role in the film. It is in fact which leads the story forward. The rest of the story tells us from whom the car is brought and what is outcome of owning the car.

The first part of the film is somewhat slow and the audience is amazed to see Yogesh in this subject matter. However, the dialogues in the film are a plus point. At some instances, people might feel vulgar but the audience seemed to have loved what has been shown as it is fully entertaining. The story is quite natural. Most interestingly, there is not a single song between Ramaya and Yogesh and even there is no running between the trees. The director has done well in trying to make the romantic drama simple and attractive.

The role suits Yogesh and he shines in his way of delivering dialogues. Ramya looks simple and brings in her character a natural factor. Without much make up she seems to have impressed the audience. Suman Ranganathan justifies her role while the rest of the cast Girija Lokesh, KP Sridhar and Achyut Kumar were also good. Cinematography was excellent and songs are beautiful.

However, towards the end the director seems to have lost control. The other drawback may be the bold dialogues used in it. But in conclusion, one can say that it is a good film and is worth seeing it and can be rated 3.5 in movie rating.

Kho Kho Movie Review

Kho Kho Movie Review

Director: R.Chandru

Producer: Bhaskar, Aadi Narayan

Cast: Kitty, Priyamani, Harshitha Poonacha, Srihari, Anu Prabhakar

The movie titled ‘Kho Kho’ directed by R. Chandru is mixed type of film. This is a movie with high technical values and is low on screenplay and content. Although in many sequences there is lack of flow it also has a narration that is racy. Logic in it takes a back seat as the audiences are forced to see sequences like a romantic number, item song and unwarranted action. The presentation in it builds interest but it crackles away which is due to unnecessary songs and sequences. The people are left confused in the end of the film due to the illogical presentation but this satisfies the audience with the camera work and the superb picturisation of the entertaining songs.

The casts in this film include Priyamani, Kitty, Anu Prabhakar and Harshitha Poonacha Srihari. Kitty makes friends with Kaveri, the sister of the Police Commissioner. Kaveri in love leaves home to get married to her love but very soon finds his real nature. It is how Kitty saves her and solves the issues is that which forms the heart of the story. Kitty is quite convincing in this role. Priyamani is glamorous in the songs and has a good role in the film. While Harshika Poonacha begs a small role and fits into it. On the other hand Srihari, the Telugu actor looks too artificial with his dialogue and acting. Veterans Kale, Sadhu Kokila, Rangayana Raghu, Anu Prabhakar and Shobharaj play insignificant roles. Chandrasekhar did well in cinematography and RamanaGogula was not so good like he was in his first movie ‘Yuvaraja’. The editing might have been much better. This film has numerous styles due to the designing and the stylists and art director must be appreciated.

In the end it can be said that this film is an average one with two and half stars in its rating. However, the film could have been a total entertainer.