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Janatha garage movie review

Koratala Siva latest flick “Janatha Garage” begins with this note. Although touted as a masala commercial movie it is a movie based on family and familial relationships. As NTR has teamed up with Koratala Siva after the success of “ Nannaku Prematho”, the second film of the duo “Janatha Garage” has created a significant buzz among the movie goers with high expectations. Moreover, with the casting of Mohanlal the undisputed king of Malayalam movies has added fire to the rage of this films release. The trailers have been immensely popular and it was promoted as the biggest release, hitting screens in Malayalam and Telugu languages simultaneously. The movie is produced under the banner of Mythri Movie Makers.

NTR performance alone is the biggest USP of the film, and he doesn’t disappoints his fan. NTR delivers his best performance in recent times. He is exceptionally good and plays his character with the right balance of sensitivity and intensity. NTR fans will be delighted by the script that elevates the hero to a God like stature, where his ability is many notches above an ordinary person and almost equivalent to a super hero. Overall, NTR can be credited for single-handedly executing brilliant performances in different scenes. Mohanlal is still undoubtedly on top of his craft even now, and plays his character with the caliber of a superstar.

The film begins with Satyam Garu (Mohanlal) running ‘Janatha Garage’, a small mechanic shop in Hyderabad. Satyam plays Robin hood to the local people and in the midst of his social service, Satyam’s brother gets killed by the goons of the corrupt politicians. Satyam sends his brother’s son to leave with his relatives in Mumbai. The son grows up to be Anand (NTR) who is a passionate and brilliant environmentalist. Anand develops a bitter rivalry with a local MLA and is sent away to Hyderabad by his relatives. At Hyderabad, Satyam impressed by Anand’s authenticity and ability summons him to join Janatha Garage. The duo then go on to helping people unjustifiably subdued by corrupt and powerful people.

The film stands out on the intense characterization of Mohanlal as Satyam and exceptionally brilliant performance of Anand character by NTR. Saikumar and Unni Mukundan did justice to their roles. Samantha and Nithya had very short roles, unfortunately they could not display their acting prowess, if any. Female actress roles were unfortunately not fleshed out and lacked emotional appeal. Additionally, the characterization of the villain was very weak. Lion’s share of the screen time was shared between Mohanlala and NTR.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad is exceptionally beautiful. Kajal Agarwal performs special item song “Pakka Local”, and does justice to her performance. She looks glamorous and performs an attractive number. Pakka Local was choreographed with much finesse and both NTR and Kajal danced superbly. Other equally popular songs are ‘Pranamam Pranamam’, ‘Jayaho Janatha’, ‘Apple Beauty’. The songs stand out in their emotional appeal for both the youth and mature audience. The songs blend well into the narrative of the story and enhances the emotional quality of the script. Background score is also outstanding. Cinematography by Thiru is spell binding. Fight choreography by Anal Arasu is equally thrilling and racy. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is flawless and near perfect. Production design by A.S. Prakash is equally commendable.

The first half of the movie is quite slow paced but the movie picks up rather rapidly in the second half. The plot was predictable to a certain extent and their are certain cliched moments in the film. The plot of the movie unfortunately has some unrealism to the point of being absurd. For example, a scene is played out where the chief minister calls for all-part meeting and in the meeting he abandons a project objected by Mohanlal’s character. This is quite far fetched as Satyam is just an owner of a mechanic shop. The bomb blast scene is hugely disappointing as it does nothing to add substance to the script. The characterization of the villain is certainly laughable as the villain, a wealthy business owner fears Mohanlal to an extent that he is unable to expand his business for the last two and half decades. Mohanlal’s character although a mere garage owner seems to have an inexplicable amount of power to intimidate such powerful characters. Despite all
disappoints the Government office scene between NTR and Rajeev Kanakala is brilliantly executed by Koratala Siva demonstrating his directorial prowess and his competent dialogue writing ability.

Aside from the minor flaws in the plot the film has many attractions that make it an enjoyable watch. NTR and Mohanlal’s magical performance, spectacular cinematography, beautiful music and choreography and smooth editing and realistic production design are all winners. Janatha Garage has been widely applauded by the public and the critics. We rate it as 3/5. The movie certainly has an undeniable mass appeal.

Bhaskar The Rascal malayalam movie review

The Siddique directorial and Anto Joseph production ‘Bhaskar The Rascal’ released on 15th April. The film has won many positive reviews from critics.


Mammootty plays a rich business tycoon called Bhaskar. His father is played by Janardhanan, known as Sankara Narayanan in the film. Sanoop Santhosh plays Adhi, the son of Mammootty. Nayanthara plays a woman called Hima and Anikha is her daughter.


Bhaskar (Mammootty)  is a business tycoon and has various business at his native place. Bhaskar’s father Sankara Narayanan (Janardhanan) had also been a very successful businessman once upon a time. But then his business failed and his life went downhill. He was surrounded by financial issues and all his friends and relatives abandoned him as well. Bhaskar, his son, was his only support in those hard times. Bhaskar was affected by this incident. Since then, collecting wealth and being financially well off became his ambition in life.

This aim is what drives Bhaskar. He works hard and ends up owning a business empire. He is affluent now and has very well reached his ambition. He is a widower, though he has a son Adhi (Sanoop Santhosh). But still – Bhaskar is unhappy! He is a very impatient person and gives harsh reactions when a person does something that he doesn’t like. He gets into fights easily whenever he comes across any kind of injustice. This thug-like behavior of Bhaskar is what earns him the pet name Rascal.

Bhaskar’s father Sankara Narayanan encourages him to tie the knot again. He keeps pressurizing his son, but Bhaskar is not ready to marry once again. Then Bhaskar and his son go on a trip. It is on the trip that they meet a lady called Hima (Nayanthara). She is a single mother and becomes close to Bhaskar’s son. She has her own business and is a quiet and calm person. She has a daughter (Anikha) who becomes friends with Adhi. Things get interesting when kids Adhi and Anikha try to unit parents Bhaskar and Hima. The rest of the story shows how the two actors bond.


Siddique has written and directed the film very well. He has crafted the plot and the characters just the way people would want in a family entertainer. The comedy has been thoughtfully executed. Both Nayanthara and Mammootty have done justice to their characters. The filmmakers have added so many interesting aspects and incidents to the film, that it keeps the audience’s eyes glued to the screen.

Mammootty has a challenging role to play. On one hand, he is a very hardworking person, a ruthless businessman and ‘rascal’ – as Bhaskar is called. Opposite to this dynamic and relentless personality is a father. He is a loving and caring father too. It is interesting to see how the actor has managed to portray both the dimensions of personality in the film. Nayanthara too has done a commendable job of essaying a single mother raising her daughter all alone.

Anikha and Master Sanoop have done perfectly well. Though they are supporting characters, they have essential roles to play in the plot. Both the kids’ performances are near perfect and they keep the audience engrossed. Janardhanan, already known for impressing the audience with his humor, has handled the role of the father quite nicely.


The story line is clichéd- Siddique hasn’t offered anything new in this film. The first half of the film is no doubt quite interesting, but the second half is not as good as the first part.


Though not a must watch, it is quite a good family entertainer and significantly enjoyable.



Ivan Maryadaraman malayalam movie review

The Suresh Divakar directorial ‘Ivan Maryadaraman’ reached the theaters on 4th April. The film is a remake of the Telugu flick ‘Maryada Ramanna’ that was released in 2010.


Dileep plays Raman who works at a rice mill of Pune and Nikki Galrani plays a girl called Krishnendu. Other characters have been portrayed by Thara Kalyan, Abu Salim, Nagineedu, Saju Navodaya and Manju Satheesh.


Raman  (Dileep) works as an employee at a rice mill located in Pune. He uses a bicycle for carrying rice to the mill for the processing. Raman then considers buying an auto rickshaw, so he plans to visit his village Ravanapuram to ask his mother for some money. He then heads home – unaware of the danger to come. Raman boards a train and meets a girl called Krishnendu (Nikki Galrani). They both chat and become friends during the journey.

Raman arrives at the village – only to find a gang of people who are on the move to murder him! Raman’s father too had been murdered at the village and his father’s perpetrators are the one wanting to take his life as well. When the two arrive at the village, Krishnendu invites Raman to visit her family. Krishnendu and Raman may have become friends. But Krishnendu’s family is Raman’s enemy as they are the ones who want to take Raman’s life.

Raman enters their home but the tragedy is that he cannot leave. If he does, he would lose his life with the flick of an eye. He is safe within the house as the house members have taken the vow to not kill in the house. The part that follows depicts how Raman stays within the house. Things get complicated when Krishnendu falls in love with him.


Looking at the performance of Dileep it can be said that the actor has done his best to get into the character. Niki Galrani has sported charming looks as Krishnendu and she too has done well. Her chemistry with Dileep is good and she has succeeded in this context. The film is better than the recent flops that Dileep has had to suffer. Also, it does not have any double meaning joke comedy that families might find inappropriate.


Though Dileep has worked hard to ensure that he doesn’t have to suffer flop again, the film isn’t as good as the audience were expecting. The performances are good – but that’s all. The acting can be called satisfactory and another flaw is Dileep’s outdated role. The actor hasn’t done badly, but then there is no novelty in the role. He has played the same type of roles he is known for. The movie could have been better if the filmmakers had done away with such stereotyped role and presented the actor in a fresh role instead.

Another aspect that adds to the downside of the film is the ordinary plot. The film does not have anything special or different to offer. Also the movie has been adapted from the Telugu film and it is likely that people who have watched the Telugu version wouldn’t be impressed by this new one. There was hope that this remake may outshine the Telugu one – but the hopes of Mollywood film enthusiasts have been shattered. Nikki needs to sharpen her acting skills. Her chemistry with Dileep could have been improved upon – had she possessed better acting skills.

It is natural that audience would compare the film with the Telugu version. And when they do, disappointment awaits them! The screen play is definitely not as impressive as the other film.


Average Film . Good for one time watch



Bangalore days malayalam movie review

Bangalore has remained the city of dreams for most Malayali’s. In this latest film, Anjali Menon has successfully portrayed the various shades of life as portrayed in this vibrant metropolis. The story revolves round a group of cousins who remain fast friends as their lives play out in different ways and their dreams change with time in this great city. The excellent direction and crafty storytelling has made the film a very good watch. While the story proceeds in predicted lines with not much in the way of the big revelation, the art of telling the story has been managed so well that it allows every viewer to relate closely with one character or another. This is the greatest strength of the film as it manages to establish a rare connection with the audience. The excellent performance of all the protagonists have definitely helped to make the film what it is.

The story of Bangalore Days revolves around three cousins who remain fast friends even as their lives take unexpected turns. They are Arjun (Dulquer Salman), Kuttan (Nivin Pauly) and Divya (Nazriya Nazim). They all dreamt of living the ideal life in Bangalore. However, with the passage of time, Arjun becomes a graffiti artist and an ex biker racer who despises his divorced parents and Kuttan becomes a homesick techie. Divya lives in a plush flat done up in the latest style as she always dreamt, but she now realizes how claustrophobic her existence has become after her hasty marriage to Das (Fahad Fazil).  Anjali has handled each of their situation with unerring precision and empathy.

One of the most notable scenes in the movie is where Divya lets off a lot of steam, but ultimately bows to the nuptial ceremony. The skilful handling of the scene makes it one of the most hilarious in Malayali films. The stellar performance by Fazil has accurately portrayed an ordinary man who is determined to give his life a second chance. The character is so beautifully portrayed that Fazil deserves special kudos for his acting prowess. Nazriya has played the contrast very well, depicting a girl full of life who gets imprisoned by her own dreams.

The film successfully breaks down stereotypes to show how how perceptions change over time. perhaps the best example is where Kuttan rediscovers his mother whose life undergoes a complete upheaval as her husband disappears from her life rather suddenly. She moves in with Kuttan and is soon enjoying the urban life of a new generation mom, going so far as to hold kitty parties and getting engaged with Yoga and cookery classes. Kuttan in the meantime teams up with the attractive flight attendant Meenakshi played by Isha Talwar when she tends to his injury. He goes to almost ridiculous lengths to woo her including spiking his hair, till he gets his nose broken by one of her ex boyfriends. Though Isha has a limited role to play, she does it with excellence.

The third strand of the film rests on Arjun played by Dulquer Salmaan who lives life on his own terms. Comedic situations have been used with great effect here. Yet, when the ex biker falls for Sarah played by Parvathy – a physically disabled RJ, and finally manages to rise above his cynicism to accept his love for her, the audience cannot help but connect with this surly yet lovable character. The nature performance by Parvathy Menon has made the chemistry between the couple truly memorable.

Excellent camera work by Samir Thahir has drawn a mesmerizing picture of the city while the music by Gopi Sunder is average. Though the film is a tad too long at three hours, it is highly enjoyable and a very good watch.

Rating :3.75/5

Verdict : Entertaining , Watchable

Gangster malayalam movie review

Gangster is one of the most anticipated Malayalam movies in recent times. There are hardly any notable gangster movies in Malayalam. As a result,  directed by Aashiq Abu who is known for his attempts to present something different for the audience and starring veteran star Mammootty, this movie looked to be a very promising project.  It hit the theaters on 11th of April, 2014. Now the big question is, was it able to live to the expectation and hype?? We will find out now.


The cast compromises of -

  • Mammotty ( Akbar Ali)
  • Sekhar Menon( Anto)
  • Nyla Usha (Sana Ibrahim)
  • Aparna Gopinath (Lilly)
  • T. G. Ravi( Hajikka)
  • John Paul (Uncle Sam)


Akbar Ali Khan, son of a Mumbai don shifts to Mangalapuram (the city of Mangalore) after the death of his father and sets up his own empire. He eliminates his main rival Raghavendra Gowda. The other two prominent heads of the Uncle Sam and Mani Menon decide not to confront him and begin to peacefully co-exist. But the peace is short lived thanks to Anto, Uncle Sam’s godson. The ruthless Anto who is a drug addict and sex maniac has come up with new plan. He wants to import used medicine and sell it at a high price. But Akbar is against drugs by principle. So a conflict ensues. Anto plans to kill Akbar. Akbar is saved by Haji, his father’s aide but he loses his wife Sana. A devastated Akbar goes for pilgrimage to heal his mental scars but only revenge can calm him down. The rest of the movie follows him in his quest for vengeance.


Visually the film looks stylish. The animated sequence in the beginning is very impressive. Cinematographer Alby has done a great job here. The film was shot in places like Mangalore, Goa, Rajasthan and cover locations like ships, ports, mines with the locations being captured suitably to create the proper ambience. The music sometimes emotional and sometimes dark is scored by Deepak Dev and he does a commendable job of reflecting the various moods in the film. The only song of the film is very likeable.  The action and stunt sequences are of a very good standard.

Another strong point of the movie is the acting. The central character needed someone with star power and Mammotty brings exactly that to the table. His brooding looks and performance in some key scenes is sure to get the audience going. Sekhar Menon does a brilliant job as the main villain. The supporting cast also shines. Both Nyla as the wife and Aparna as the villain’s flame look good in their roles. John Paul, Kunchan and T.G Ravi do justice to their roles. The acting surely is one the backbones of the movie.


The script is where the movie takes some beating. The character of Akbar could have been better written. Many sequences could have been better handled. It is true that revenge is the central theme of the movie but even that needs a proper treatment. Some of the audience can also get a bit uneasy with the bloodshed and violence.

Final Verdict

The director has taken up a good initiative by picking a subject which is not very common in Malayalam cinema. It may not be as good as his debut Salt N Pepper but nonetheless he has done a decent job with  the movie Gangster. Though there is much better gangster films in Indian cinema, Gangster will be good watch for fans of Mammotty and action movie lovers.

Rating- 2.5/5

7th Day malayalam movie review

Malayalam cinema has seen some great thrillers like Memories and Mumbai police. Therefore delivering a successful thriller is never an easy task. It even becomes trickier when the cast has only one prominent star and the director is a debutante. This is the case with 7th Day, starring Prithviraj Sukumaran and directed by Syamdhar. It came out on 12th April to avoid clashing with Mamotty starrer Gangster. Will it able to keep the audiences guessing and glued to their seats??


Prithiviraj the only notable star in the film plays  the central character, David Abraham. The rest of the cast is made up of relatively new-comers- Janani Iyer as Jessie, the female lead  Anu Mohan as Vinu, Praveen Prem as Cycle,  Tovino Thomas as Eby andVinay Forrt  as Shan and T.G Ravi. Kollywood actor Yog Japee  is playing villain in this movie.


Due to the nature of the film, the plot should not be revealed too much and the anticipation should be kept intact. David Abraham a 42 year old Crime Branch officer of the Kerala Police Department is suspended for reasons unknown at the start of the movie. On one Saturday evening he witnesses an incidence that intrigues him. He decides to pursue the matter and comes across six youngsters. He begins investigating the case which is yet to be registered in crime records.  The events take place between 7 days starting from Christmas and ending in the New Year. The reason for his suspension is also revealed in the course of the film. Watch the movie to see the climax and get the answers.


From technical aspects the movie really reaches a high level. Sujith Vassudev, the Director of Photography deserves praise for his work. Colors are used very effectively. The light effects are also good and the camera angles capture our attention. The background music by Deepak Dev adds a great deal to the movie. Known mainly for his commercial work, Dev here delivers international standard theme oriented music that perfectly suits with the mysterious, suspenseful nature of the film.  Kudos to the debuting director  Syamdhar for choosing a subject which is quite easy to mess up. He has pulled off an impressive feat. Also the producer Shibu G Suseelan should be given credit for supporting such a unique project. Writer Akhil Paul has done brilliantly to present the audience with an interesting story. The movie builds up nicely step by step to end in a tremendous climax.

The acting is a revelation. At the center of the action is Prithiviraj with his specs, handlebar mustache and salt and pepper hair. This is undoubtedly one his finest performances. His controlled performance brings to life a complex and layered character. He steals almost every frame he is in. With this performance his career graph is sure to upward to a great extent.  The relatively young supporting cast does a great job. Without their support the film would not have been as good as it is.


Perhaps the only negative point of the film is its pace which is slow. The audience needs to watch this movie with patience. The first half moves slowly to build up the plot though the pace improves in the second half.


Often movies with great pre release hype fail to live up to the expectations after the release. Luckily that seems not to be the case with 7th Day. It has managed to do justice to the buzz surrounding it. Movie lovers in general should not miss this movie. Being one of the most interesting and innovative thrillers in recent time, this one is a must watch.

Rating : 3.75/5 ,Entertaing Suspense Thriller

Pottas bomb malayalam movie review

Pottas bomb, the debut venture of director Suresh Achoos touched the silver screen this week. The movie is a mystery thriller centered up on a juvenile home and intimates living there. The movie is released in the banner of People cinemas casting the leading actors like Tini tom, Indhrans, Lena and it also presented the Malayalam industry with a couple of youngsters like Achu arunkumar,Rohith menon,Anu sithara,Vishnu,Rajeev rajan etc.

Story plot
The movie reveals the story of four youngsters residing at a Juvenile home and the happenings in their life. The movie leads when these youngsters starts dreaming about a life outside the juvenile home. In order to cherish the same these boys joins the gang of “Raju” a criminal who is a stuff dealer .As the movie leads one among these four boys fall in love with the sister of Raju. The movie enters in to a charging plot when Raju notices this affair and as a reaction to the same the four boys will get adjourned from Raju’s group and join their hands with another gangster (Indharans). The mystery part of the movie starts when they fall in to the trap of murder and the chase behind the culprits by them makes the movie interesting .To know more about the plot you can visit the theaters near you.
Run time
The total run time of the movie is one hour forty five minutes in which the first half is of one hour followed by the forty five minute second half.
The movie comes under the category of a watchable movie because it addresses certain issues that are happening around us. The story plot of the movie is interesting especially the way the story is narrated but the only negativity of the movie is that the sudden ending after the interval.
Music by mohan sithara
Acting of tinitom as a police officer attracted the crowd very well
Acting of the young talents: Achu arunkumar
New look of Indhrans

Second half  & Sudden ending of the movie

Rating :2.5/5

Acting of the young talents: Achu arunkumar, Rohith menon,Anu sithara,Vishnu,Rajeev rajan

Memories malayalam movie review

If you are a fan of Prithviraj or love the thriller genre of films, Memories is one movie that you do not want to miss. Superb acting and extremely gripping storyline with a resounding climax has made this film a must watch.

The story revolves round a police officer named Sam Alex played by Prithviraj. He is a brilliant officer and a loving family man who lived with his wife (played by Meghna Rai) and daughter. But both are killed by a terror group and Sam gradually descends into alcoholism. He becomes a laughingstock of the department.

At this time, a serial killer makes his appearance and the investigation is given to officer Vinod Krishna (played by Suresh Krishna). However, the IG unofficially involves Sam in spite of negative reports and reactions from higher level of the department. In spite of himself, Saqm becomes involved in the case as he manages to unearth shocking clues from the victims. The climax is unexpected and the second half of the film is truly brilliant.

In recent years, Prithviraj is excelling in the role of problem ridden police officer. In fact, there are distinct similarities with his work in Grandmaster and in this film also, he has surpassed himself. The very engaging acting coupled with the parallelism between the killings and the events in the life of Sam Alex have created nail biting suspense in the second half of the movie. Other characters have done well, but they lacked scope beside the all consuming role of Prithviraj.

The film is well named as it shows a man trying to ran away from his memories but circumstances force him to confront them again and again till he realizes that he cannot run from himself and it leads to a self discovery. The two haunting scores by Thirayum Theeravum and Sejo John have added to the richness of the film.

Verdict : Above average

Rating : 3/5

Kadal Kadannoru Mathukkutty malayalam movie review

Expectations have been running high on director Ranjith, especially after he had paired up with a multifaceted actor like Mammootty. Social satire, strong script and unexpected characters are the hallmark of a Ranjith film – many of which have been blockbusters. Sadly, that special Ranjith magic was missing from Kadal kadannoru Mathukutty whose chief weakness was a script that is both underpowered and underwritten.

The story started promisingly enough. Matthew George or Mathukutty is a Keralite who stays in Germany and he is not much respected by his family. He is sent by a Kerala cultural Association to Kerala to fix up a show with Mohanlal and others. He accepts happily and begins his journey with his wife Jansamma (played by Muthumani). The rest of the plot deals with how he is gradually disillusioned with his home country.

The film contains Ranjith’s trademark cracks against alcoholism and corruption, but the strong social satire that the audience has come to expect from his earlier movies like Pranchiyettan, kayyoppu and Indian Rupee. The scenes appear clumsy and artificial. One example is the scene where Anandan serves Scotch whiskey to Kochunni. The fact is that the film is not a sentimental rediscovery, a romantic comedy or a social satire. It appears rather contrived.

Mammootty has worked well but the role did not present him with any challenges. The cameos by Mohanlal, Jayaram and Dileep are diverting while good work has been done by Tini Tom as the venomous reporter. Shahabaz Aman’s music and Madhu Neelakantan’s cinematography are two brightest spots in the film.

Verdict : The movie lacked the customary flair that the audience has come to expect from a typical Ranjith flick. The script is a major weakness. Unnecessary subplots were dragged out ,while interesting plots were left unfinished. Overall, it has been a huge letdown.

Rating : 2.25 /5

Honeybee malayalam movie review

Honey bee , The debut movie of Jean Paul lal (Lal JR) is on theaters with Asif ali and Bhavana doing the center characters. Lal is also doing a lead role in this venture of his son .The other castes of this movie are Baburaj,Sreenath Bhasi,Balu,Amitchakalackal, SureshKrishna, Hasim, Archan Kavi , Praveena etc…Honey bee is a mix of friendship and love which is set around the background of Fort kochi.
The movie starts with Asif ali (Sebastian) ,a choreographer for stage shows doing his work with his companions Bhavana(Angel) Baburaj(Fernando),Sreenath Bhasi(Abu),Balu(Ambro).During their work Asif ali hits one of the popular actor for disturbing Bhavana.Then the movie goes for the introduction of Lal (Michael) and his brothers Amith Chackalakal (Martin)Suresh Krishna (Father Cochin) Hasim ( Antony).Lal and his brothers is the most popular and dangerous business people of fort Kochi who doesn’t care or fear nothing .Bhavana is the only sister of these four brothers and they loves her a lot.There after Asif ali and Bhavana fall in love with each other,a day before Bhavana’s marriage with a sub inspector of that region.When Asif tells this to his friends while they are partying .His friends tells him that we can go to Lal’s home and pick Bhavana from there and at that night they secretly enters the house and takes Bhavana with them.There starts the real trip “Honey Bee” i.e the fight between Asif’s gang and Lal brothers.The rest part you can enjoy at the theaters near you.

Honey bee Review – It’s Tripping.
The story of the movie is not that interesting but the trendy comedies and stunts are the main highlights of the movie. The movie is discussing a cat and mouse game between the heroines family and the hero. There are several other Malayalam movies discussing the same theme and it’s not a new theme for Malayalam movie lovers but the way how the movie is taken is little bit different from other movies with the same theme especially because of the trendy comedies.
This movie can be considered as a good attempt by Lal jr but it doesn’t match with the expectations of the audience who rushed in to the theaters expecting a Lal magic.
Honey bee is a watchable movie but don’t expect much from the movie and it’s not that tripping
Asif ali: Did his role well.
Bhavana: As every other movie Bhavana performed her character very bold.
Baburaj: He is really becoming a trend setter now a days and performed his role excellently with thrilling dialogue delivery.
Sreenath Bhasi: Did his role excellently like Baburaj.
Balu:He really entertained the audience.
Archana Kavi: She performed a relatively small roll but did it nicely.
Lal: As in every other movies he once again entertained the audience with his character Michael ,a half shaded villain.


  • Trendy comedies and Stunts
  • Drawbacks
  • Old theme
  • Lagging second half
  • Lack of suspenses

Verdict :Old theme,Recommended for one time watch but doesn’t expect too much..

Rating :2.75/5

HONEY BEE: It’s Tripping.