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Vikram’s I tamil movie review

Prominent Tamil director Shankar always tries his best to introduce the newer aspects of love to his audience. So, this time also his movie “I” is called to be a romantic thriller combined with science fiction. The movie is all about the story of Lingesan. He is a hunchback. At the beginning of the movie Lingesan kidnapped the heroine Diya and then as the story goes on the life of Lingesan unfolds. He is passionate to become a bodybuilder. His dream is to win the title of Mr. Tamil Nadu or, Mr. India. Here comes Diya in his life and all the dedication for his dream has blown away by her beauty. He falls in love with her. Slowly he realizes that his lady love is in the top most position in the world of modelling. To know what happened afterwards, you have to go to the cinema hall to watch the full movie.

The movie switches between the past and the present time of the life of Lingesan. In one part the hunchback is shown torturing his victims and again in the other part the same man becomes the bodybuilder –model and trying establish him as an Upcoming Diva. The transformation of a hunchback to a bodybuilder and model is the main plot of the movie. Many other subplots are there also to make the story a proper entertainment. The story of the movie takes a bit longer time to be unfolded. It has taken a little more than 3 hours. Actually the first half of the movie is quiet longer as the director takes more time to form the characters.

Cast of the film:

Written by the director himself, the leading character of “I” is Lingesan. This character is played by Vikram and his lady love Diya is characterized by Amy Jackson. Suresh Gopi is playing the role of Doctor. Upen Patel, Ramkumar Ganesan, Sanathanam, Srinivasan, Ojas M. Rajani and Mohan Kapoor are playing the other prominent roles.

Ups and Downs of the Movie:

Now what to see in the movie? If you want to enjoy the Greek God like physique, then you must have to watch the movie to see the body-building exhibition by Vikram. He looks superb in this character of Lingesan. Another name who is a must watch person in the movie is Amy Jackson. She really looks like a diva in present time Tamil movie genre. No one will do the better work than this pair of Vikram- Amy. Though the film is a bit longer yet you will not be bored as the chemistry between Amy and Vikram is so romantic that you have to sit back to see what is going to take place at the end. Sanathanam is doing as a comic relief in the movie. His wisecracks are really the comic entertaining parts in the film. Love and only the love is the theme of the movie. A beautiful convincing story of love is shown here against the backdrop of some beautiful places on earth. There is enough suspense in the movie to make it a clear-cut thriller movie. Vikram did lots of work to look perfect in the movie. The director himself gives the hairstyle to Vikram. According Shankar, the character of Lingesan was the most difficult to portrait on screen, but Vikram did a wonderful job. For the character of Diya, the director needed someone who physically looks like a model in her actual look. After seeing Amy Jackson the director selects her for the character of Diya. “I” is a technically perfect movie as PC Sreeram’s camera did wonderful works. The music created by AR Rahman also gives the movie an authentic touch of romance. The art director T Muthuraj also created the perfect scenario of the movie.Editor Anthony did a bit crispier job.

Rating : 3.5 /5

Verdict : Romantic thriller , Mix of Love and Revenge .

Aarambam tamil movie review

The most awaited movie of Ajith “Aarambham” hit the silver screen today. This is the second time director Vishnu vardhan and Ajith are joining their hands after the huge success of the movie Billa in 2007 .Aarambham is a mass entertainer which highlights certain scam deals that happens across the country. The lead roles in the movie are played by Ajith as Ashok, Arya as Arjun,Nayanthara as Maya ,Tapasee as Anita.
Story plot
The movie starts with a huge bomb blast in Mumbai city and there by the super duper introduction of Ajith .After the introductory song of Ajith the movie turns in to a comical plot where Arya, Tapasee and Nayanthara were introduced.This scene is like Arya meeting his college mate Nayanthara at the airport and while they are in a chat Arya shares with her his love story and there after happens a kidnap sequence where Nayanthara and Arya will get kidnapped by some criminals these sequences leads the most entertaining first half. The first half of the movie showcases Ajith as a negative character i.e. he is playing the role of gangster who doesn’t cares for anything.

About the second half, the movie moves in to a flash back part ,which tells the real story of Ajith i.e. who was he? How he became a gangster? For what he is doing all this crimes? etc..After a sentimental flashback the movie gear up to become an action thriller mixed with mass dialogues, thrilling action sequences and unexpected twists.The later part of the movie can be enjoyed at the theaters near you.

  • Ajith’s multi appearance as a ATS officer and as a Gangster.
  • Arya’s multi appearance as a Fat boy and slim one really entertained the viewers very well.
  • Nayanthara excellently done her part as the heroine of Ajith.
  • Tapasee showcased an average performance.
  • The movie had also introduced many new faces to the industry.
  • Extra ordinary direction from Vishnu Vardhan
  • Super cinematography.
  • Thrilling second half


  • Short term lags during first half
  • There is nothing new in the script even though they had tried to involve some thing new.

An above average entertainer for which you can spend two and a half hour time with your friends and family in this festival season.

Rating : 3.25/5

Thalaiva tamil movie review

Director AL Vijay is back with his latest project Thalaiva. The movie is crisp and action packed. The story revolves round Vijay whose father Ramu (played by Satya Raj) is the Anna of Mumbai. In fact. The film begins with Satya Raj’s character being introduced in Mumbai. His son, Vijay is being brought up in Australia. The first half of the film deals with the life of Vijay in Australia. A colorful performance is rendered by some breathtaking dance moves by Amala Paul in this half. Witty one liners delivered by Sanathanam are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. Finally, the first half ends with a circumstantial twist which forces Vijay to return to India.

The second half is more compact with lots of action and stunts. It deals with how Vijay is forced to step into the too big shoes of his father. Stunts are awesome though the climax is predictable. The film is fast paced, but if the length could have been cut by half an hour, it would have been better. The second heroin who appears only for a small time has added to the richness of the film.

Vijay has definitely excelled in Thalaiva though it is not the racy entertainer that we have come to expect from him. Amala Paul has come into her own in the film while the role of Sathya Ray has been powerful. Sanathanam has managed to deliver humor effortlessly while the other supporting cast has also done justice to their roles. Masterful work has been done by the camera by Nirav Shah. The music is not one of the high points of the film.

Rating : 3/5
Verdict :Above average ,Thalaiva is full of substance but it is definitely slow and is in danger of losing its audience half way because of the languorous pace.

Viswaroopam tamil movie review

Viswaroopam sees the great comeback of South Indian actor Kamal Haasan, who brings to the audience a very sensitive issue that has been inflicting upon the society for several years. Although the director turned actor had to face a lot of difficulties in his path while filming it, he has ultimately done it well. The movie sees Pooja Kumar, Rahul Bose, Anreah Jeremiah among the leading star cast apart from Kamal Haasan. Produced by Chandra and Kamal Haasan, the film sees some awesome tracks composed by Shankar Ehasaan and Loy. It released on 25th January and saw its world premiere at Los Angeles, where the entire Viswaroopam team had been present for the first screening.

The story of Viswaroopam has touched upon a very sensitive theme. The story has been set in America, where a nuclear Oncologist Nirupama, (played by Pooja Kumar) sees a psychiatrist about her tough relationship with her husband, named Viswanath (played by Kamal Haasan). Her husband is by profession a Kathak dancer. She got married to him in order to come to USA and gear up her career. Meanwhile, after coming to USA she starts developing soft feelings for her boss. Now Omar, (played by Rahul Bose) comes into play and he is a terrorist. He has a plan to be inflicted upon USA and wants it to be successful whatsoever. The climax of the story is when the paths of Nirupama, Omar and Vishwanath cross over and in comes a host of shocking and surprising discoveries. To know the end, one has to visit the theaters to watch it.

This is the first movie so far where Kamal Haasan does not a share the majority of the screen space. He has provided ample amount of space to the other actors to bring out their talent. This small trick by the actor impressed the audience as they felt a breath of fresh air. The performance of Pooja kumar is worth mentioning. Her confidence on screen along with very good acting takes the show away. It is hard for the audience to miss her appealing nature on the screen. She might not be as glamorous as the popular actresses of today are, but however shows a very strong role and great performance in all types of modern roles. Andrea meanwhile does not have much of a screen space; however the delight of the audiences is that they get to see her and Kamal together for quite of few good scenes. It is needless to say that whatever scenes she did, it was commendable. Her towering personality sometimes dominated Kamal’s acting skills. Rahul Bose was, is and will be one of the most consistent performers ever on the screen. His role in the negative form catches most of the audience with the smoothness and flexibility like always. He did not for once overdo his role and this created a great balance on the screen. other people whose performances are worth mentioning are Shekhar Kapur and Jaideep Akhlawat.

Kamal has chosen a very strong and contradicting script for his huge project. He has touched upon one of the most sensitive topics that ail most of our contemporary society. Moreover he has attempted to portray about Jihadi that has not been attempted ever before. However, he does not show anything to instigate negative feelings about the community or for the mother land. The entire story has been extremely well-handles by Kamal. He has shown great mastery in his work, the entirety of it has been great.

Thus, all that can be said about Viswaroopam is that one must go to watch it for the appreciation of art and some great acting skills.

Rating :3/5

Verdict :Above average

Alex Pandian tamil movie review

The last movie of Karthi was Saguni and it did not quite manage to impress the audience. Recent movie of the actor is Alex Pandian, where he has teamed up with director Suraj, to bring out a complete masala commercial movie. Director suraj is widely known for his spicy and hot movies and he has directed a number of hit films in his career till date. The director has been recently interviewed where he has revealed that the new movie, Alex Pandian will be a huge surprise for the audience this upcoming pongal. The story has action and comedy fused in a great way to bring out a perfectly hot drama film. The posters and the trailer of the film had brought in a large amount of murmurs from the audience. The film had appeared as one for the regular masses. However, it had generated a bit of appreciation and change in factors due to the presence of great amount of action scenes in it. However, the question is, after watching the film, have the audience felt their expectations to be satisfied?

The story of the film goes on like this. The beginning of the film has a brilliant train sequence, of which the industry has been talking about very lately. A group of baddies try to get hold of Anushka Shetty, the lead actress of the movie, and the hero, Karthi comes to her rescue. He beats the thugs up and drives them away. The 10 minutes of beginning of the movie is quite a thrilling thing to watch. The action sequences have brilliantly camera work. However, despite the great effort, on certain places the audience would well make out, that certain portions have been shot on a still train. After the sequence is over, we are introduced with the family of Santhanam, who is the comedian in the movie. The family has his mother and three sisters who are younger than him. Alex Pandian, in spite of getting great obstacle from Santhanam, takes the decision of settling at his house.

The hero is thenseen to flirt with all the three sisters who are Nikita Thukral, Akansha Puri and Sanusha. The first half of the movie consists of great comedy and some fighting scenes. The second half goes on to reveal the real identity of Anushka and Karthi. Anushka is the daughter of CM. Alex kidnaps her on Alvin Martin’s orders. The baddies do this to force the CM to sign a deal with them. As he refuses, Karthi is hired to abduct Anushka. The last half of the movie should better be watched.

Although the first half manages to generate some amount of entertainment through the comedy and the action sequences, the second half does not boost the spirit of the audience. The director has dragged the story very much and it seems to go on forever. The ending is quite predictable, which is enough to shatter the audience’s expectations.

Rating: 2.5/5

Verdict: Average movie

Podaa Podi tamil movie review

Podaa Podi is the most awaited film of the year. It is being made for a long time and has finally come to the theatres a day before Diwali. The movie is a musical romance, and sees the popular STR or Simbu, pairing up with Varalakshmi Sarathkumar.

The movie is directed by Vignesh Sivan. This debutant director has chosen a somber conflict between the couple, due to their differences in perceiving matters. He boldly deals with the conflict occurring with passion and reticence. The movie is thus a fight that takes place between the choices made by the independent girl and the boy’s instincts. Sivan has put forward a comic presentation of the subject, involving many arguments. The audience is able to mark a clear distinction between the girl and the boy.

The movie in its latter part goes on to a very clichéd way. Although the heroine puts forward very strong arguments, the hero wins over her in every step. Hence, slowly, the independence of the girls falls down and it is dominated by the hero masked by the names like love, Tamil Culture and possessiveness.

Each husband has equal right to put forward his opinion on the preference of his wife, but the person should know where the ending line is. If the wife holds a stronger preference than him with which he is uncomfortable, either he should manage that way or get separated. In this movie, the hero blackmails his wife emotionally in order to get things done in his way. The hero throws chauvinistic dialogues, which are unacceptable.

All in all, the movie has failed to impress the viewers fully. The script although starts well, gets monotonous and predictable towards the end. However, Vignesh has put in certain elements like funny dialogues, birthday celebration of Arjun, which makes it a bit watchable.

Verdict: Disappointing on the whole, with loads of imbalances in ideas.

Rating: 2.25/5

Thuppaki tamil movie review

Cast- Vijay, Kajal Aggarwal and Vidyut Jamval

Director- A. R Murugadoss

Producer- Kalaipuli S. Dhanu

Music Director- Harris Jayaraj

The Tamil film to have been released this week is Thuppakki. It lies in the genre of action thriller.

When big names such as A. R Murugadoss and Vijay’s are attached to the same film then definitely it will create some stir at the box-office.

Plot- Vijay’s character is named Jagadish in this film. He portrays the role of a Defence Intelligence Agency aka DIA who is an army personnel. The film depicts his return to Mumbai on a time off. His parents are shown looking for a bride for him to settle down with. He comes across a girl named Nisha played by Kajal Aggarwal who is a boxer. The first half of the movie is very entertaining and engaging.

The film though is quite slow later, and takes a lot of time to arrive at the main plot. The main story revolves around Jagadish spoiling the plans of sequential bombing. It is shown that he along with his 11 army people slays 12 sleeper cells at 12 diverse places. The sleeper cell activities are headed by “Force” fame Vidyut Jamval. He plans to even the score by hunting down those who squashed his plans.

Technical Analysis- A.R Murugadoss has brought a fresh twist in his way of direction; however, he could have executed it better. The screenplay of the film could have been more tactful. The runtime of the film is 2 hours and 40 minutes which gets tiresome after some time.

Performance- A. R Murugadoss gives Vijay a new avatar. He performs in this role for the first time and acts brilliantly. Kajal Aggarwal looks beautiful in every frame and supports the hero of the film finely. The chemistry between the two is intense.

Final Verdict- the film is entertaining and works as a good watch for the audience.
Ratings- 3/5

Maatran tamil movie review

Cast- Suriya, Kajal Agarwal, Isha Sharvani, Sachin Khedekar

Director- KV Anand

Producer- Kalpathi S Aghoram

Banner- AGS Agoram Entertainment

Music Director- Harris Jayaraj

The single release of this week has been “Maatran”. The film has released worldwide in two languages Tamil and Telugu.


Ramachandra, played by Sachin Khedekar is a genetic scientist who is the father of conjoined twins named Akhilan and Vimalan. The role of the conjoined twins is played by Suriya. Ramachandra after struggling for long discovers baby milk powder and names it Energion.

The two twins are shown to have different characteristics. Akhilan is extrovert and witty, on the other hand Vimalan is composed and intellectual. The role of Anjali, who is a Russian translator, is played by Kajal Aggarwal. The twins develop an inclination towards her.

As the story progresses Vimalan gets to know that Energion has been adulterated by some harmful ingredients. This revelation costs him his life. The remaining story involves Akhilan’s efforts to know the truth behind all the happenings.


Suriya is a sought-after actor. He is known for his power-packed performance and yet again delivers in this film. He fully utilised the opportunity of playing the twins with contrasted characteristics to prove his versatility.

Kajal Agarwal does not have a meaty role in the film. However, she plays her part with integrity.

Sachin Khedekar has a pivotal role and he performed it with full honesty.

Isha Shervani has a dance number in the film that will surely pull the masses to the theatres.

Technical Analysis:

The scriptwriters KV Anand and Subha have done a fabulous job yet again. However, the second half of the film is a tad bit slow. K.V Anand’s direction too has been controlled and well-ordered.

Harris Jayaraj’s music is average and sounds very similar to his previous renderings. Cinematographer S. Sounder Rajan has done a seamless job with his camera.


Maatran is an out-and-out entertainer with a tinge of action and comedy to cater to all kinds of the audience.


Billa 2 Tamil Movie Review

The movie Billa 2 is finally available on the silver screen. The excitement of the fans is palpable and the huge foot fall at the multiplexes is the ode to the immense hype that the promos have created for the flick. ‘Billa 2’ is not a sequel but a prequel of the super hit movie ‘Billa’ that released in the year 2007. The million dollar question is how the movie turned out to be? Is it worth a watch? Well it certainly is, but partially.

Ajith acted under the direction of Vishnuvardan in ‘Billa’. In the flick ‘Billa 2’ the helm of direction is taken up by none other than Chakri Toleti. ‘Billa 2’ narrates the interesting story of a common young man by the name of ‘David Billa’ who goes on to become a dreaded war lord. The story beautifully uncovers the reasons for which David Billa became a criminal.

The female lead roles in the movie are played by Bruna Abdullah and Pravathy Omnakuttan. They are the eye candies but didn’t have much of a role to perform. Vidyuth Jamwal and Sudhanshu Pandey plays the role of the villain in the film. Yuvan Shankar has composed the music for the film. Though the songs are a letdown, the back ground music composition was good.

The story line is weak and sometimes it becomes too stretched. It is the performance of Ajith that holds the story together and it is the biggest strength of the movie. The movie is a delight for the Ajith fans. The hero has lived up to his performance in ‘Billa’.

Rating: 2.5/ 5

Verdict: If you are desperate for entertainment then you can turn to this movie. Okay for a single watch. It is a must watch for the fans of Ajith.

Naan Ee Tamil Movie Review

If you believe in rebirth or incarnation, you must lay aside couple of hours to watch the popular movie entitled ‘Naan Ee’. The movie is all about a young person who was murdered long way back. However, his soul has returned to take revenge. It is a bloodshed movie. However, the specialty of this commercial gory film lies in the presentation of episodes on multimedia format. You will have the chance to see computerized graphs, snapshots and images on digital format.

The dash of colors in this movie is remarkable and cinematographic quality is excellent. The upcoming movie will attract young teens who like computers to play videos and watch movies online. S Rajamouli is the director who has showed his talent and accuracy in shooting the movie using the most advanced technology. In this brilliant movie, you will come into contact with many actors and actresses like Nani, Sudeep, Samantha plus Santhanam. Viewers will be hovering in a hi-tech society to have the spicy experiences about love, spiritual upgradation, celestial bodies, and unnatural elements. Maybe, it will be one of the movies based on spirits, incarnation, religious dogmas and science fiction. To be frank, you will get new ingredients in this movie. Mohan’s attractive dialogues and the presence of a bevy of cute female images must wipe out stress and loneliness of a movie lover.

The director has perfectly used the interactive technology to take the movie to a different place. You will find how fantastically the cinematographer has used the digital cams to capture the romantic moments. It is the movie which gives wide scope to newcomers to keep in touch with the ultra-modern digital technology to increase the aesthetic appeal of the movie.

Verdict: Naan Ee movie is good and its visual presentation is ok. There is a perfect blend of fiction and reality. It will entertain teens who are science conscious. Romantic lovers will also find good dishes to enjoy V-Day.
Rating: 3.5/5