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Sakuni tamil movie Review

Movie sakuni had finished its first play with a great traffic of fans and others.The movie just reveals the political dramas that happens in our real life.The story of the movie is like this KAMAL(karthi) a dynamic youngster who takes the role of a political person who deals problems of people in the state .Entry of karthi with punch dialogues adds a star to the movie.Entry of sandhanam as Rajini changes the serious face of the movie in to fun and there are many funny scenes between karthi and sandhanam .Beauty queen Anushka plays the role of a police officer and the scenes played by her is quiet interesting.The entire energy of the movie can be seen by the entry of Ramanakka(Radhika) who need to become a powerful political leader.The scenes between karthi and Radhika  makes the movie entertaining and the viewers energetic.
The movie comes under a category of watchable .The movie reveals the tactics played by politicians to come in to power.The presence of actress Pranitha seems to be limited in the movie however her performance seems to be good,
Entry of karthi,punch dialogues of karthi,Nasser’s role,Superb performance by Radhika as Ramanakka, Songs
Karthi as kamal given birth to a power ful political leader,Radhika as Ramanakka had done her role in a very excellent manner,Sandhanam as usual with karthi made the viewers put their hands crossed.Anushka ‘s performance is only an average

Rating :2.5/5

Verdict :Watchable ,Recommended for one time watch

Manam Koththi Paravai tamil movie Review

The director Ezhil of the super duper hits like Thullatha Manamum Thullum, Poovellam Un Vasam and Deepavali is back with his new movie manam kothhti paravai.The movie tells a story of friendship and love .Kannan (Siva Karthikeyan) is a village boy who loves his neighbour Revathy (Athmiya) and when their romance starts to cheer up Ravethy,s father fixes her marriage with an influential man in the neighbouring village . Kannan’s friends gang (Parotta Suri, Singam Puli and Deiva Thirumagan Kishore) want kannan’s love story to be a successful one .The story leads with the kidnapping of Revathy by kannan’s friends . The later lead of the story can be enjoyed by you at theaters near you.We can expect this movie as another super hit to the hit list of Ezhil.The story is totally blend with fun dialogues.The camera of the movie will surely gives the viewers a new experience and the camera work is done by Suraj nallusamy.The performance of siva and Athmiya seemed to be decent and their looks as village boy and girl had given a cooling experience to the eyes of the viewers.The moviecomes under a category of watchable with a rating of 3.5/5.

Vazhakku Enn 18/9 Tamil Movie Review

Vazhakku Enn 18/9 Movie Review

Cast: Sri, Urmila Mahantha, Manisha Yadav, Mithun Murali, Kumaravel

Directed and Written by: Balaji Sakthivel

Production: N. Subhash Chandra Bose, Ronnie Screwvala

Music: Prasanna

Balaji Sakthivel is a promising talented film director. He has created a number of excellent heart throbbing movies in past. However, recently this experienced director has invested his maximum time for shooting Vazhakku Enn 18/9 movie. It is a different love story which is based on the adolescent fantasy and romantic fictions.

The theme of the story has been built up on the romance, and adventure. A young girl has been derailed from the track of moral high ground. However, she is also groping for relief. The story starts in the open public road where Velu acted by Sri has visited Chennai for earning money. He has met a maid servant in the street. Jothi acted by Urmila works in Aarthy’s apartment as an attendant. She is cute and charming. At first sight, Velu has started dreaming of Jothi. He wants to marry her. However, Jothi is not eager to accept love proposal backfired by Velu. Balaji has nurtured two different love stories in the same movie. Velu will be seen rescuing Jothi when Dinesh, the main culprit, pounces upon Aarthy in revenge. Dinesh is not a gentleman. He is not a good boy. His vengeance has contaminated the air in the apartment of Aarthy. In the long run, after taking the statements from Aarthy, Dinesh was incarcerated and let Velu go Scot free. The director has tried to remove the barriers between the rich and the poor. He believes in de-class system. Velu is the representative of the poor community. However the entry of Dinesh has changed the course of the streamline of the movie.

Finally, Urmila’s artistic beauty and excellent expletives are strongly noticeable. The music is excellent. However, critics have complained about the MMS scandals in the movie. Parents have been dragged to the hard reality which can be harmful to young generation. The fantastic love story has also wiped out the defective and negative elements in the movie. It will be a successful romantic movie this year.

Oru Kal Oru Kannadi Tamil Movie Review

Oru Kal Oru Kannadi Movie Review

Oru Kal Oru Kannadi will surely bring success to the director, M. Rajesh. It is a romantic movie but there is a huge scope to roll in laughter as comical elements have been used to make the movie more vibrant and lively. This movie has been shot by Rajesh who is an experienced director.

On the other hand, the participation of Udhayanidhi Stalin into OKOK is excellent and also quite surprising. He is not merely an actor but a producer as well. He has invested his time to act in this movie. To be frank, he is the master in acting. He has been given an important role in the movie. He is the hero and his love affair with Meera in the movie has been properly showcased due to his charming dialogues, excellent figure and presentation in a unique way,

The story of this movie starts on a fine morning when Saravanan played by Udhayanidhi was found dejected and unhappy on hearing marriage celebration of Meera acted by Hansika. He was helpless and he rushed to wedding ceremony site to stop marriage. In the flashback, Udhayanidhi has fallen in love with Meera at first sight at a public place. He decides to follow her till she has reached her home. He has found her father who is a police officer by profession. In this way, both have met. Udhayanidhi has put pressure on her for loving him. She is not ready to accept his love. There is nothing wrong in love and war. Saravanan has asked for help from Saravanan acted by Parthasarathy. As a comedian, the role of Parthasarathy is highly appreciable. However Udhayanidhi’s contribution as a hero plus a bit comedian is praiseworthy.

OKOK has been made more attractive due to the sexy image of Bubbly Hansika who seems to be an ice-candy. Her sex appeal and mind blowing smiling face will surely arrest eyes of viewers.

Music is excellent and ear soothing. Harris Jayaraj has showcased his talent in gifting magnificent musical tunes.

Verdict: Lastly, if the movie were little bit more rapid, it would have been better. In the first half of the movie, incidents occur at slow pace. Speed gains with times proceeding with the advent of Hansika and Saravanan. Family feud has dampened the comic charm to some extent. However, overall this movie is quite splendid and full of spirit to boost up teens.

Rating: 4/5

3 tamil movie review

Get, set and ready to rush to the nearby movie hall to watch the high voltage romantic movie Kolaveri 3 which has redefined the romance in a more dynamic way. You will be excited to watch two young souls dancing wildly in joy, delight and excitement. They are the luckiest young hearts in the world. Kolavery 3 is the movie which will train modern teens how to love.

Sorry, better to wait till the release of the move. Suspense will scroll up speedily to reveal more secrets of love, excitement and hot close-ups. In this movie, you will find three superstars together who have tried their best to accelerate the volume of glamour, artistic gloss, color of romance, and sensational thrill. Dhanush is the son of KasthuriRaja who is believed to be the director by profession. Shruti Hassan is the daughter of Kamalhassan and of course Aishwarya, the daughter of Rajinikanth and a wife of Dhanush. Three luminaries have invested their precious time to make this movie which will definitely melt the hard-nut-to-crack oldies to start romancing again in the senile period. Kolaveri is based on a compact love story. You must watch this movie because you need to date with someone special. Before approaching to propose your dream girl, you must learn the basics of romance by watching romantic movie, Kolaveri.

In this movie, a young handsome and dashing dude called Ram left his apartment to undergo a joy-ride on his street hawk. It was rainy season. When he started his journey riding on his bike, suddenly he had had to stop half way through his street navigation. Due to poor climatic condition, he had to suspend his journey. Meanwhile, Janani played by Shruti was found in maze due to rough weather. She was riding her cycle to reach her destination. Both were brought under one umbrella by God. It is amazing when two unknown persons meet each other unexpectedly. It is called good luck. Love is always unpredictable. Here, just couple of minutes before these two young energetic souls didn’t know each other. However, the whole incident was related in a flashback. Aishwarya relayed this magnificent love sequence and intimate friendship in a background.

The whole movie has been split into three different sections. At the first phase of the movie, you will get the charm, thrills, beauty and intimacy. Mind blowing dialogues, sweet songs, eye-catching natural sight-seeing and of course magnetic screenshots of hot scenes are really appreciable. Just swim in the reddish brown ketch-up of romance by watching Shruti offering hot smacks on the lips of Ram. Wow! What a warm kiss! Need more and more! You will have to spell in murmuring sound while watching Shruti kissing in such a wild way. The first few episodes are meant for raw love and thrills. However, time is running out of hand. Happy days seem to go forever to leave a vacuum space for lamentation and deep frustration. Ram is suffering from bipolar disorder. He is not mentally stable. Therefore, in the second and third phases, you will have to shed few tear drops for watching deadlock, controversy, shouting in pain and tossing in frustration. Ram and Janani will have to prove their originalities in love and friendship. Patience is the essence of success and sacrifice is the basic of love. To be frank, Kolaveri will guide young hearts to love more honestly discarding hardships and struggles. Music is superb and excellent. Anirudh, the music director, has once again proved that he is all-in-one. Besides, the roles of Prabhu, Bhanupriya and Rohini are also praiseworthy. They have showcased their talent. Kolavery will hit the silver screen soon. So, you must turbo-charge your mind to watch this ultra-modern romantic movie with your sweetheart.

Rating: 4/ 5

Verdict: Kolaveri has been shot to heat up the teenage groups. It will bring speed to life. Every young lover must watch this romantic move to learn how to satisfy his sweetheart by playing tricks, doing pranks and throwing hot kisses.

Maasi Tamil Movie Review

Maasi Tamil Movie Review

Cast: Arjun, Archana, Hema, Mayilsamy, Kota Sreenivasa Rao, Santhanabharathi, Paandu

Direction: G Kitcha

Production: Kovai Mani

Music Director: Dheena

In Tamil cinema, it has always been a fascination to set the themes based on police officers. The films which feature Arjun as a cop are full of action sequences. In this long list another movie titled ‘Maasi’ has joined the list which does not differ from the other movies of the same type. It has all the elements that are required to entertain action lovers. This film directed by Kitcha is centred around a police officer who is engaged on some kind of mission. He fights with a group of baddies to eliminate them from the society. The film begins with style but the lead actor has to face many challenges to achieve his aim. The film boasts of its cast that include Kotta Srinivasa Rao, Bala Singh, Ponnambalam, Santhana Bharathy, Pradeep Rawat and Dhool Sakunthala among others.

The story of the film revolves around Maasi, a character played by Arjun is a cop specialised in encounters and is a terror for the criminals. He takes an oath to eradicate the criminals Naaga played by Pradeep Rawath operating from Mumbai and Nandha played by Ponnambalam who controls Chennai. What interests one is that a war goes on between Naaga and Nandha. Maasi who steps in has to lose his wife and his mother in the hands of these criminals. In this, there is a political twist also. However, Maasi uses both his muscles and brain to fight with them and achieves his goal.

Speaking about the performance of the actors involved in the film, Arjun is typical in his khaki uniform and is good as always. The actresses have a very limited role to play in the entire movie and all the villains played their part well. Cinematography done by Boopathy was good enough and editing done by Saleem was also quite ok. Dhina’s music was familiar to the audience and stunt by Anal Arasu grabs all attention. Almost everything was predictable in the film.

Rating: 2/5

Verdict: Although the film is nothing different from other movies of such type but can be watched just for time pass.

Review of the film ‘Kazhugu’

Kazhugu Movie Review

Cast: Krishna, Bindhu Madhavi, Karunaas and Thambi Ramiah

Direction: Sathyasiva

Production: Talking Times

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography: Sathya

The film ‘Kazhugu’ is not at an ordinary one. It speaks about the lives of those who recover dead bodies of the victims of suicide in Kodaikanal. It is about those men whom our society has not bothered to look at. It seems that the director Sathyasiva has put his effort and has researched well. The background of the film is set in Kodaikanal. Sera, Shanmugham and Nandu, the characters in the movie earn their living by lifting the dead bodies from the bottom of the cliff. The things take a turn when Sera played by Krishna meets Kavitha played by Bindu Madhavi. Till that time he was the one with no room for emotions. He marries Kavitha which is due to the efforts of Shanmugham and Nandu against all the obstacles and life begins newly for him. However, luck plays its role when Ayya played by Jayaprakash enters the scene. His entry leads trouble in the lives of both Nandu and Shanmugham. At this time Sera wants to take revenge as he fights a battle with Ayya.

The film is somewhat close to realism yet it manages to come out sophistically on cruelty. The actors have played their role well and the director has managed to narrate the touchy tale with the limited faces and that too without any commercial compromise. The drawbacks in the film are related to a predictable climax and a lengthy second part but the firm grip on the film makes it interesting to watch. Krishna plays the lead after his commercial films like ‘Kattradhu Kalavu’ and ‘Alibaba’ and proves his talent as an actor and that too in a challenging role. Bindu Madhavi does well in raising emotions with her eyes. She handles her role with much comfort. Thambi Ramiah and Karunaas comes up with make believe performance. Cinematography by Sathya and music scored by Yuvan Shankar adds strength to the story of the film.

Rating: 5/10

Verdict: it is interesting to watch but there are scopes of improvement in the second half of the film.

Review of the film ‘Naanga’

Naanga Movie Review

Cast: Sanjay Krishna, Shakir, Munees, Vinod, Aswin Raja, Priya, Shivani, Vaidehi

Direction: Selva

Production: Cinema Kottagai

Music: Balabharathy

As in the past, director Selva has rendered emotional films like Pooveli and Amaravathi and now in his 25th film, he settles down to touch a film set in campus. It speaks about love, anger, friendship and disappointment within one gang. The director has decided to take a nostalgic journey through 1980s, a period to which the present generation is familiar with. Most interesting is that the film has five stories woven together and has relied on new faces for completing the task. Devi played by Vishnupriya comes out of coma after a long period of 25 years which is described as a miracle by everyone. The media becomes crazy and comes up with reports on Devi. As the news of Devi gaining consciousness spreads all over, some of her friends who studied in the same college 25 years ago decided to visit her. They managed to get Babu’s bail, role played by Uday, one of their classmates. He was the lover of Devi and in the meantime, the story goes back to the story and the happy college days of each and every member of the group.

Apart from Vishnupriya, Ashwin Raja, Vaidehi and Shivani, Sanjay Krishna, the son of Santhana Bharathi, Shakir, the son of Mano, the playback singer and Munees, son of Vasu Rao and T V Sasi’s son Vinod plays the lead roles in the film. The new faces bring in some freshness while playing the lead roles. But if the stories were narrated in an engrossing way then the final effect would have been much more interesting. As the film was set in 1980, the main focus was on the costumes and bringing the name Ilayaraja who was the man in that era. Despite its interesting theme the film failed to come up with a gripping script and tale. The film seems to be old and dragging all the way. The twists in it are quite predictable which fails to give sheer entertainment. The roles played by Sanjay Krishna, Nivas, Vinod and Shakir are impressive. However, the film has been able to get the best from the female leads.

Rating: 2/5

Verdict: not as exciting as expected to be.

Review of the film ‘Sevarkodi’

Sevarkodi Movie Review

Cast: Bhavan, Arun Balaji, Bhama

Direction: R Subramanian

Producers: Maharanth Kamalakar, Anand Reddy

Music: Sath

The debut venture of director R Subramaniam’s ‘Sevarkodi’ tells us the story of the battle which takes place between two youths on an identity that is mistaken. The background of the film is set in Tiruchendur with the artists playing their role well. It has the correct emotions and the casts in it include Arun Balaji, Bhavan and Bhama. Kali played by Bhavan is a driver who is involved in fishing. He is serious by nature and struggles hard to make big in life. On the other hand, Bala played by Arun Balaji is a pass out from college and the one who falls in love with Valli played by Bhama. Kali plans to marry his sister to ‘Annachi’, his owner so that he could get some fortune in return but she runs away with her boyfriend. The blame comes to Bala and Kali decides to take revenge. Much to its interest, Bala was not a part of the act at all. The rest is the fight between the two.

Bhavan plays his role well and gives cool and casual expressions as demanded by the script. Arun Balaji is quite good as an actor while Bhama’s act deserves to be specially mentioned. Other members of the cast include Mahadevan, Pithamagan, Ramchandran, Thavasi and Sri Ranjan. The highlight of the film is the cinematography done by Chelladurai. The scenes of Tiruchendur are captured well. The music scored by Sathya is hummable while the stunt choreography done by Dileep Subbarayan needs to be specially mentioned. The film produced by Anandh Reddy and Kamalkar is a good time pass and a story of revenge which touches the heart of its audience. Drawbacks are definitely there but can be overlooked for an honest show.

Rating: 2.75/5

Verdict: it is decent film and a good time pass.

Aravaan – A review

Aravaan Movie Review

Cast: Aadhi,Dhansika,Pasupathi,Shwetha Menon

Director: Vasantha Balan

Producer: T.Siva

Music: Karthik

With factual presentation of facts and figures, ‘Aravaan’- the directorial scheme of Vasantha Balan takes a look at Tamil Nadu’s historical past. The renowned director of phenomenal appeal has his work adapted from the award winning fiction- ‘Kavaal Kottam’. The content of Aravaan finds its germs in one of its episodes.

While the scenic background gives clear and classy expression to that relevant to the eighteenth century, the film makes way for the subtle expressions of emotions such as love, hatred, conflict, anger and revenge. Giving way to a rural backdrop, the flick brings out an interesting picture of a village by the name of ‘Vembur’. The dramatic scheme draws its matter from the adventurous deals of the village’s stealing folks- known regionally as ‘kotthu’. The director makes a nice blend of realism and art to uphold the shady antics of the stealing group. Much of the moving details of the scenic fare are to be credited to the skilful choreography.

While the storyline has its threads in the conflicting ties of two villages dating years’ back in time, the major crux of interest surrounds the adventurous ploy of Kombhoodi and his men. The role essayed by Pashupati takes on a curios turn with his chanced meeting with another one of his own kind- but uniquely unknown to him. The talented yet rebellious ways of Varippuly (essayed by Aadhi) not only fascinates him; but also leads to a common pact, with Varippuly’s inclusion in the similar gang.

Quite ironically, unexpected interference of chance and fate leads to the disclosure of Verippuly’s past. Both Aadhi and his love interest in Dhansikha perform effectively to relive the flavor of the ancient age. Similar is true of that delineated by Pashupati. The musical touches of T.Shiva are not only entertaining, but also relevant to its themes and content.

Rating: 4/5

Verdict: It is an interesting move to recapture the past.