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Kondan Koduthan – A review

Kondan Koduthan Movie Review

Cast: Kathir, Advaitha, Ilavarasu, Ganja Karuppu, Sulakshna, Rajkapoor, Meera Krishna

Direction: Rajendran

Music: Deva

Producer: Iyappa

With action packed and dramatic potboilers ruling the roost, Kondan Koduthan makes way for the change of taste in familial bonds and delicate touches of human values. G. Rajendran with makes the best use of his debut venture to churn out an emotionally refreshing family entertainer. While the leading roles essayed by Kathirkamn (Rasu) & Advaitha (Sevandhi) the supporting base is dealt with by Meera Krishnan, Sulakshana and Ilavarasu.

The storyline which is simple yet interesting centers on Rasu – a player of kabaddi and his love interest-Advaitha. As per the clan tradition of in-family marriage, Rasu is happily engaged with the former. But, things take a turn for the worse when Rasu’s sister part ways with Sevandhi’s brother, with the consequent death of the bridegroom. The broken ties result in the disruption between families with love birds getting detached.

Ilavarasu pitches in with his necessary bit to contribute to the anticipated ending. The film with its simplicity and rural background turns out to be a wholesome entertainer. Its fare share of music, crisp dialogue, romance and emotionally charged moments are pleasantly entertaining. The charm of the rustic background is portrayed in details. Though there is an active interplay of emotion in dialogue, presentation and screenplay- the film is free from farfetched and mushy melodrama. The music of Deva is another of its entertainment quotient. Above all, the glaring absence of blows and punches are there to make for a refreshing break.

The dramatic base from which the conflict takes its shape is touching enough to move you to tears. If you have flair for family oriented flicks of the friendly type, the movie is likely to appeal to you with its effective mix of dialogue, acting, song and sequences. Besides others, IIavarasu comes up with a laudable performance.

Rating: 3/5

Verdict: Wholesome entertainment of the pleasant type.

Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi tamil movie Review

Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi starring Amala Paul and Siddharth is not for regular audience but is targeted to the young generation. It revolves round Arun played by Siddharth who describes his broken love affair with Parvathi played by Amala Paul. It presents before us how the young generation think of love and how they end up their relationship without any serious issues. Later in this film one comes across another love affair which is between the parents of Parvathi played by Suresh and Saru. This story brings in a change of attitude in both Siddharth and Parvathi. How does this happen form the rest of the story.

Speaking about performance, it is tailor made for Siddharth and has done justice to his role. Amala Paul was hot and suits her role well. The chemistry between the two was good. Surekha Vani and Suresh performed well with the rest of the cast performing as required. While moving on to technical ground, Nirav Shah did perfectly well in cinematography. It was an asset. The songs are pictured neatly while the tunes of Thaman were hummable. Dialogues at times are apt and hilarious as well. Direction is good while the screenplay could have been much better.

The director Balaji Mohan has presented a story for the youth, representing their idea of love and how they tend to end up everything without any reasons. He stuck to the script and did not add to it anything illogical for commercial entertainment. It has an appealing presentation with a noble script. The narration and screenplay could have been better. While the first half is full of romance and comedy the second half moved on slowly with twists and turns in it. It is film connected to the young generation.

Rating: 3/5

Verdict: average film, a love story representing the young generation.

Ambuli 3D movie review

Ambuli is a 3D movie with superior technology and an appealing story. This film proves that 3D movies are not only for children. This is a film which has romance and emotion mixed in it. The directors Harish Narayan and Hari Shankar have done their job well loading in it interesting elements while giving the audience visual pleasure. The first 3D Stereoscopic movie is listening stories narrated in villages. Amudhan played by Ajay and Vendhan played by Srijith studies in a college and stay in a hostel where Thambi Ramiah, Vendhan’s father works as a watchman. After their vacation, Amudhan decided to stay with Vendhan as he wanted to visit his love Poongavanam played by Sonam in a village Poomadandhipuram. It so happens that one night when he crosses the cornfield to visit his lover, he is chased by evil spirit. Escaping fron there he narrates the store to Vendhan and both decide to find the true tale behind this incident. They start researching and come to know from the villagers that it was a man-eating devil called Ambuli. Finally they come up with a solution.

The cast needs to be approved especially, Ambudhan and Vendhan as they have tried their best in this maiden venture. Sanam does well while Bosskey, Thambi Ramiah, Jagan deserves special mention. However, the highlight is the cameo by Parthiban. He plays the role which is bearing on the script. On the whole it can be said that ‘Ambuli’ is a treasure in Tamil films which proved that this is a technician’s medium and the future being 3 dimensional. So all the cast and crew have done a really great job for which they have to be appreciated. This will remain in the minds of the audience for some time in future.

Rating: 5/10

Verdict: it is a good film and one would enjoy watching it

Review of the film ‘Marina’


Direction: Pandiraj

Cast: Siva Karthikeyan, Oviya, Jayaprakash, Pandian, Gautham Purushoth

Music: Girishh G

Camera: Vijay

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar, Yugabharathi

The film titled ‘Marina’ stars Siva Karthikeyan, a famous TV host who makes his debut as an actor in this film and Oviya in the female lead. This film deals with uneducated children. It depicts the life of children selling snacks at the Marina beach and who are deprived of the basic needs. The story goes around Ambikapathi played by Pandian who comes to Chennai with many dreams but ends up selling water packets in the beach. There he finds Kailash, who is the one like him and already has his own kingdom there. Police reach there in search of Kailash for some crime and is helped by anther kid who is a petrol pilfer. While on the other side Senthilnathan played by Shiva and Sopna Sundari played by Oviya are depicted as lovers. The hero who had dreams of romancing a girl finally gets Sopna Sundari and nurtures their love in the beach amidst kids and friend circle.

The debutant Siva Karthikeyan steals the show with comic mannerisms and has made improvisation as per the instruction of the director. Oviya performs well with her expression through the eyes and suits her role well. Others like Pandian, Jayaprakash Senthikumari and Jithan Mohan does justice to the roles offered to them. Prakash Raj, Sneha Sasikumar, Vimal and Ameer make a guest appearance in a song. Music delivered by a debutant composer also earned fame. Camera handled by the new comer Vijay showed his talent through the natural lighting used nicely. Pandiraj needs special mention for sketching characters with much intensity. The director is successful in depicting the story of the children deprived of their needs. He could arouse responsibility among the people through his film. It is enough to raise emotion and at the same time it also entertains us.

Rating: 8/10

Verdict: it is entertaining as well as an emotional movie

Review of the film ‘Vettai’

Vettai Movie Review

Director: N. Linguswamy

Producer: N. Linguswamy, Ronnie Screwvala

Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Casts: Arya, R.Madhavan, Sameera, Amala Paul

As Madhavan and Arya were brought together in a film titled ‘Vettai’, the expectations were also high. The film directed by Lingusamy could live upto the expectation only in parts. The story in this film is old and unoriginal and it also had too many loose ends that took away the interest of the film. It was from the days of MGR that Tamil cinema had portrayed the story of a brother who swapped places. Apart from Madhavan and Arya, the film also had Amala Paul, Sameera Reddy, Asutosh Rana and Thambi Ramiah in the lead roles.

In the film Gurumurthy played by Madhavan and Thirumurthy played by Arya are portrayed as the sons of a police officer. While Guru is a soft spoken guy, Thiru is rough and tough without any fear of fights. Guru is compelled to take his father’s job after his death and Thiru is shown to be helping him to solve crimes from behind. In between both the brothers come across Vasanthi played by Sameera Reddy, who is a talkative and bold girl and her sister Jayanthi played by Amala Paul who is a bubbly girl. While Guru’s marriage is arranged with Vasanthi, Thiru is in love with Jayanthi. The film has its turning point when Annachi played by Asutosh Rana enters the scene. He starts a fight with Guru. Both the brothers accept the challenge and fights off with Annachi.

Arya performs well and is quite impressive. Madhavan suits his role well. Both Amala and Sameera gets equal opportunity to show their talents. Asutosh Rana as usual plays the villain and Thambi Ramiah tries to make the audience laugh. Dialogues are good in some parts but the songs are disappointing.

Verdict: The film is good in parts.

Rating: 6/10

Review of the film Nanban

It was a great surprise to have heard the announcement of the Director Shankar, who has declared that he would be directing the Super hit movie titled ‘Three Ediots’ in Tamil language. It is perhaps the theme of the movie that has tempted him to do so and the moment he joined the crew, the expectations reached its highest limits. Now the question that comes to our mind is weather the Tamil version is similar to the original or not. The star cast in it is very apt and with the lofty theme it will be close to the heart of its audiences. Most importantly, this film is not a regular Vijay or Shankar type film. It speaks differently which is entertaining all throughout the movie. It is a campus story but enough commercial elements in it make it really work. The lead actors in it are Jiiva, Srikanth, Sathyaraj, lleana which gives little time to the audience to think.

Vijay who is playing the role of Pari is a guy who enjoys his stay in the hostel with his buddies Venkatramakrishnan played by Srikanth and Sevalkodi Senthil played by Jiiva. Pari is a straight thinker and according to him, one should do what one likes and success will follow him. Venki on the other hand was forced to pursue engineering by his parents while Senthil is there just to bail out his family from trouble. Things take a different turn whenVirumandi Santhanam, the principal opposes the trio. Pari falls in love with Riya played by llena, the daughter of Virus.

Vijay does well in the film and handles his role with much comfort. Srikanth and Jiiva give their best and so does lleana. Sathyaraj is loud at places. Manoj Paramhamsa does good work with the camera while editing done by Anthony makes the film crisp. Although it can be said that the scenes unfold in the same way as the original yet it was a good work on the part of Shankar.

In conclusion, it can be said to be good film and can be rated 7 out of 10.

Rajapattai Tamil movie review

Director: Susindhran
Producer: Prathish, Santhosh
Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cast: Vikram, K. Viswanath, Deeksha Seth

This is one movie that is purely made for the whole family. Not one where the children need to sneak into the theatre and the parents feel they ought to go by themselves. The movie explores the relationship between a grandfather and grandson. The father and son are both played by Vikram.

In the part of the son he is called Anal Murugan, who shares a very beautiful relationship with his grandfather, played by K. Viswanath. Deeksha Seth plays an IT girl who has certainly caught Anal’s eye.

He is a gym instructor who aspires to play villain in the movies, and he also helps out the poor by beating up the bad guys who demand their money.

The script is peppered with situational comedies, witty dialogues and is a packaged drama. Something for everyone in the family! At its best, the movie explores the relationship between all the three generations of men.

The performances by all the actors are very commendable. Especially Vikram, who has been going places ever since his debut movie – he has been hogging the limelight. He certainly surprised everyone with his ten different avatars in one movie. Deepshika has had the perfect launch, and might just have got her ticket into Kollywood.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is quite good, and the visuals of the songs are quite wonderful. The locale used in the movies (especially Italy) is what certainly boosts the film a great deal. Cinematography by R. Madhi Mu and Kasi Viswanathan’s editorial skills has pulled off one of the best Kollywood movie of this year.

Verdict: The movie is absolutely for family fun night. Definitely recommended if your family has not been to any movies together since the last Christmas! You’ll absolutely be entertained through the movie.

Rating: 3.5/5

Uchchithanai Mukarnthal Tamil Movie Review

Uchithanai Mukarnthal Movie Review

Cast: Sathyaraj, Nassar, Seeman, Sangeetha, Neelika

Director: Pughazhendi Thangaraj

Music: D Imman

Cinematographer: B Kannan

Banner: Gemini Film Circuit

Another documentary-drama by Pughazhendi Thangaraj, but this time the same issue, gets a different treatment.

The Lankan Tamil issue has always been quite a sensitive one, and any movie which is remotely based on this theme always get the extra attention.

This movie is riddled with very strong moving scenes and powerful dialogs. The basic plot of the movie revolves around the outspoken activist couple (played by Sathyaraj and Sangeetha), who give shelter to a thirteen year old girl (Neelika) who has been gang raped by the Lankan army. The girl is expecting a child, and this good hearted couple tries to help her.

Seeman plays an inspector who tries to help these people, and Nassar comes into the picture when the plot twist is revealed: the girl has become a victim of AIDS. What happens when such revelation occurs is what the movie mostly deals with.

Though all the actors have proved their worth, it is young Neelika who absolutely steals the show.

The cinematography by B Kannan deserves special mention, for he does live up to the expectations one has of him.

The music is hauntingly beautiful by D Imman and fits the sequences of the movie well.

Hats off to Pughazhendi Thangaraj for making a movie with such honesty and never once feeling the need to bow down to the commercial pressure, filmmakers almost always face.

Verdict: Over all, the movie despite being a docu-drama, does not fail to catch the audience’s attention and probe them to think a little. No film is without flaws – and neither is this one. But if one is in the mood for something serious, the film is worth checking out.

Rating: 3.5/5

Silently Arulnidhi Steals the Show: Mouna Guru

Mouna Guru Movie Review

Writer and Director: Santhakumar

Cast: Arulnidhi, Iniya, John Vijay

Music: Thaman

Cinematography: Mahesh Muthusamy

Producer: M K Tamilarasu

Banner: Mohana Movies

This story which has a gripping screenplay penned by Samthakuman, revolves around the silent college student (played by Arulnidhi) who is forced to metamorphose from his quiet self to the angry young man.

This change in him is brought forward due the fact that he sees before his eyes, the people who have been put in charge of taking care of the law and order go against their own citizens. The ones in charge take the side of the bad guys. The action naturally angers him, and he dons the rolls of the red eyed angry young man – fulfilling even his family’s aspirations of him. The first half of the movie concentrates on his change from the silent guy to the fighter guy. The next half focuses on how he overcomes all the problems that suddenly come up in his life, including a physical one.

Arunlnidhi who was growing steadily impatient for hit, after his movies Vamsam (his brilliant debut), and then Udhayan, a movie not so well-received, may have finally hit the jackpot with his home production, Mouna Guru. His father is, after all, the producer of this outing.

His leading lady, Iniya, does a commendable job. More than her physical actions, it is her expressive eyes which emote and takes in the audience’s attention. This lady is certainly going places, as is John Vijay.

The cinematography by Mahesh Muthusamy certainly adds value to the movie. The lights, angles and shades certainly have some magic touch to their credit.

The recognition of the music director Thaman is increasing thanks to his amazing job. The music of the movie certainly is amazing.

Verdict: The lead actors are the ones who hold the movie together. This is a must watch if one is a fan of action thrillers.

Rating: 2.75/5

Mambattiyan Tamil Movie Review

Mambattiyan Movie Review

Cast: Prashanth, Meera Jasmine, Prakash Raj, Mumait Khan, Vadivelu, Kotta Seenivasa Rao

Direction: Thyagarajan

Production: Thyagarajan

Music: Thaman S

Cinematography: Shaji Kumar

Editor: Don Max

Banner: Lakshmi Shanthi Movies


The remake of the hit Malayoor Mambattiyan is out. It matches its original only in parts. This film directed by Thyagarajan, who played the protagonist in the original, is more grand and glitzy but the emotions in the latest version are somewhat missing. This time the father decided to take the ruins while the son makes his presence felt in the lead role. So far the story of the film is concerned, it is not without attraction. It is the story of an outlaw who revolts against the local important persons, take to hills, help his people and gains the status of a cult hero which is undoubtedly appealing. Such kinds of films are many but when watching this film glimpses of how well it can be done are seen. The story has its own simplicity. In the village of Malaiyur dwells a simple couple whose life is doomed by their landlord.

Here Prashanth deserves special mention for all his sincere efforts. He carries the entire film in his shoulder doing justice to his character. But the outdated story which holds no relevance to contemporary scenes mars the show. In this film the lead roles are begged by Meera Jasmine, Prakashraj, Prashanth and Vadivelu. Mambattiyan played by Prashanth is forced to turn to a serial killer after his father being bumped off by local bigwigs and a Jameendar played by Kottla Srinivasa Rao. After the murder, he becomes the champion of underdogs and instills fear in powerful, corrupt and greedy men. In the meantime he happens to meet his lady love, Kanathal played by Meera Jasmine. However, the real action begins as a senior police officer played by Prakashraj enters the scenario to nab Mambattiyan.

The story has not been much altered but state of art techniques has been adopted to capture them. Prasanth makes sure that you notice his physique and also tries to emote which erupts laughter in his audience. Meera Jasmine looks tired while Vadivelu is the star Mumaith is not bad. Thaman’s music fits well and is loud with the llaiyaraja remix well suited to the film. The camera work done by Shaji Kumar is great which showcases hills and valley with enough clarity. This is one of the best points in the film while editing could have been better.

However, the flaw lies with the director himself, in his screenplay, dialogues, trite and situations where logic goes for toss. The film lacks coherence at some points but Prasanth’s presence makes the audience forget everything. The theme may be somewhat outdated but the performance of the leading stars makes the movie worth seeing. The film is quite entertaining and makes people sit and watch it with much excitement. With all its characters doing justice to their roles, it is a worth seeing film. The film has done well and has satisfied its viewers. What can be said more when the film is already appealing to its audience.

In conclusion it can be said that the film is an entertainer and has done well with its viewers. With its characters performing so well this is worth seeing movie. This film can be rated 3 out of 5 and is a complete paisa wasool film. However, the main centre of attraction in the film is Prasanth who carries away all drawbacks with him which means his superb performance. People are so much pleased with his acting that they try to overlook all other faults in the film. In other words it is a good film with all good performances.

Rating: 3.0/5