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Love Failure Telugu movie review

Actor Siddharth who is popular for the roles of a lover boy is back with a similar subject in the film titled ‘Love Failure’. The actor did not taste success in the recent past had his expectations high from this film. The story reveals around Arun played by Siddharth, an engineering student who describes his broken relationship with Parvati played by Amala Paul. Another love affair between Parvati’s parents also surrounds the story. So it is how this brings about a change in Parvati and Siddharth forms the climax of the film.

So far as performance is concerned, it is tailor made for Siddharth as he has done similar roles in the past. Amala Paul is sensous and fits perfectly well. Both of them share good on screen chemistry. Surekha Vani and Suresh were apt in their roles and the others did as required. Moving on to technical issues, cinematography by Nirav Shah proved to be an asset for the movie. Songs were pictured neatly while Thaman’s melodious tunes were hummable and good. The background score is inspiring while dialogues are both apt and hilarious at times. Direction by Balaji Mohan was good enough. The story is unique but the screenplay would have been better. The director has presented through this film how the young generation think about love and how they tend to end up relations for simple reasons. He remained stuck to the script and did not add to it any illogical content. The presentation is quite appealing, script is novel but the narration and screenplay could be better. The first half is on a lighter mode with comedy and romance while the second half is slow with twists and turns. All in all it presents to the young generation.

Rating: 3/5

Verdict: this film represents the young generation.

Nippu Telugu movie review

Although Gunasekhar and YVS Chowdary do not have hits in their credit in the past, they have teamed up for ‘Nippu’ starring Deeksha Seth and Ravi Teja. Expectations are high and we have to see if it can meet the level of expectations or not. The story reveals around Surya played by Ravi Teja, who is a close friend of Srikanth played by Sriram. Srikanth, who faces death sentence in Saudi Arabia as it is believed that he murdered his love Vaishnavi played by Bhavana is the son of Murthygaru played by Rajendra Prasad. But the actual fact is Vaishnavi death is an accident. Surya who fights against injustice turns to be bitter enemy of Raja Goud played by Pradeep Rawath who is the father of Vaishnavi. So he compromises with Goud and manages a letter from him and saves the life of his friend. At this point Surya comes to know about the actual fact behind Vaishnavi’s death and the rest of the story is how he fights with Goud and is there any twist and turns forms the climax of the movie.

Ravi Teja is full of energy and the same is maintained in both dance and action sequences. It is in fact he who takes the credit from the beginning to the end. Deeksha Seth is glamorous and the chemistry between the two was good. Among others Jayaprakash Reddy, Rajendra Prasad, Pradeep Rawat were good enough. Talking from the technical point of view, the plot was good but Gunasekhar again has faltered in the narration. Dialogues were good and the cinematography by Sarvesh Murari was excellent. Editing was good as well and action sequences looked cinematic. This film is however, no different from the other movies by Ravi Teja.

Rating: 2.5/5

Verdict: it is an average film and one can watch it for time pass.

Rushi Telugu Movie Review

Prasad production, the prestigious production house has produced the Telugu film titled ‘Rushi’ which is the only centre of attraction, as in this film there is no attractive star cast or any thing attractive in it. The theme is based on a medical background, which explores lives of the medical students and their transformation into doctors through the lead roles being played by Rushi and Pooja. Venkat played by Ravi, a television journalist gives us a view that Rushi played by Aravind Krishna is one who was fighting a case. His life unfolds talking to Venkat. Rushi meets Pooja played by Supriya Shelja when he is still a fresher. In the beginning he says he became a doctor to make money but as time passes by his perceptions changes and he begins to take interest in his profession and patients. Rushi admits Karthik played by Master Gaurav who suffers from pain in a hospital and starts his treatment although he is not fully qualified yet. He is criticised for this act but he answers them by coming up with a heart transplant.

Now there is a need of a donor and in the meantime there comes a twist. The climax is hard to take and cannot be accepted on legal and humanistic ground. The characters in it are portrayed realistically and the first half of the film is quite fun while in the second half, it is more intense and reaches its extreme when Rushi Pooja and Karthik track begins. The songs could be trimmed, the dialogues are okay. Aravind Krishna suits his role, looking serious and matured. Supriya Shelja is better in the second half. Master Gaurav performs well. On the technical ground, the film is fine. It has a meaningful theme which can be appreciated for a different theme and subject.

Rating: 2.5/5

Verdict: it is an average film with different theme and subject

Kshetram – Backbencher for Poor Acting and Lack of Artistic Gloss

Kshetram has not satisfied movie critics and viewers. The whole movie is packed with mythological spirit, suspense and revenge to get justice. The presence supernatural spirit in the movie has added a new glow. However, in spite of usage of fantasy and supernatural elements to create a mystic ambience in this movie, the director has failed to convince experts and viewers to a great extent.

The story of Kshetram starts dynamically with the entry of Jagapathi Babu acting the role Narasimha Rayalu and Priyamani acting the role of Lakshmi. Narasimha has tried to bring the idol of his ancestral god to the temple. His decision to bring back the idol from the forest to the shrine has dissatisfied few bootlickers and wicked persons who are not interested to shift the idol. For this reason, the couple had do sacrifice their lives for keeping the idol and human society in safe. After the untimely deaths of both god worshippers, the spirit of Lakshmi was traced roaming in the forest to take revenge against those culprites and the accused as they killed her husband. Chakri is the incarnated soul of Narasimha. Sohani has fallen in love with Chakri. In between Lakshmi has metamorphosised into the body of Sohani for the fulfillment of desire to kill hardcore rivals and wicked persons who have destroyed the life of her hubby. She has got success in terminating rivals foes.

This movie has been criticized by experts. To be frank, many have argued that the purpose of the film has not been properly served due to artistic lackluster, shortage of proper screenplay, lack of competency among actors and imperfect setting to showcase different incidents magnificently. One of movie reviewers has stated that often it seems that the movie is nothing but a television serial. There is discontinuity in presenting characters in light of proper artistic genre. Characters have not been sketched properly as they have seemed to have lost ways in the dark alleys and vortex of uncertainty. Maybe, the director has not understood what the story writer wants to mean in his story. To top it all, Priyamani has not proved her accuracy in acting. She is not a successful performer in this movie. Jagapathi Babu must have proved his acting competency and logistic eloquence. However, in the long run, he has not gained spirit and stamina to start playing extraordinarily. His dull appearance and jabberwocky statements have dampened the spirit and charm of the movie.

He should have rehearsed few days more to play the role correctly so that his fans could have appreciated him for his outstanding contribution to the creation of magnificent fictitious movie.

At the same time, there are other co-performers who have tried to enchant intelligentsia and viewers but eventually they have failed to entice movie lovers for watching this movie.

On the other hand movie has no excellent song. If you are an audiophile, you will have to watch other movies save and except this feature film. Music is not good. The director has not used his imaginative faculty and practical experience in heightening the glamour and significance of this movie. Experts have confirmed that this movie will not bring revenues to the producer in a large volume.

Verdict: Kshetram can’t a good movie for watching hundred times. It has no attractive dialogue, no glamour and heart throbbing music. Maybe few oldies can sit for sometime to watch this movie but ultimate result is zero so far as the rating is concerned.

Rating: On a scale of 1-5, this movie deserves 2 as the color picture is good to watch. The presence of spirits in the movie maybe attracts voodoo lovers but it is the worst movie on an overview.

Rajendra Prasad to Be Seen Playing the Role of Shyam Gopal Verma

Rakesh Srinivas is now a very busy guy to direct a sought after movie in which Rajendra Prasad will act as Shyam Gopal Verma. This movie will be shot at various locations in India. Later this movie will be completely dubbed in Telugu language.

However the director is tight lipped about the storyline, music composing, background setting and other important parts of the upcoming movie. He will not divulge anything in public prior to the premier show of the movie.

Rajendra Prasad is a famous actor who has already had signed up many contracts with the producers in Tollywood. He has vast experiences in participating in movies and his recent advent to Tollywood shaking hands with Krishna Vamsi is a challenge and turning point as well. He will be seen performing in Mogudu. In Dream, this famous actor has showcased his razor sharp acting. His outstanding contribution and excellent performance to movie industry will surely help the next generation to get more authentic information about the modern movies.

Dream highlights the psychological aspects of humans. You will get the spices of thrill and the burning sensation of adventure. You will have to watch the movie to get fun. The film director is hopeful about the future prospect of this movie. Rakesh Srinivas has praised a lot about the talent of this talented actor.


With the phenomenal success of movies like Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar and perhaps Happy Feet 2 (which would be released soon), Telegu movie industry got talking about making our very own movie which would be in 3D.

Just a few days back there were reports from AK Entertainments banner announcing they are planning a 3D movie with Allari Naresh as the main hero, and the buzz of the 3D did not just die with that. Now we bring you the news that Kalyan Ram’s next movie is also going to be a 3D venture.

The cinematographer, Sunil Reddy, is going to turn into a director with this film, which is going to be released under the NTR banner by Kalyan Ram himself.

We have heard rumors about Ram trying to rope in the technicians who had worked on movies like Avatar, Spider-man 4, and even the Final Destination series, to help them with the finer aspects of their movie.

Just like the trend in Telegu movie industry seems to go, there are two heroines in this movie: Nikesha Patel and Krithi Kharbanda are going to be Kalyan Ram’s leading ladies, who had earlier starred in Pawan Kalyan’s Puli movie.

And guess the release date of this movie? The 2nd of November!

Naa Istham Telugu movie first look

Hyderabad is where Daggubati Rana and Genelia are busy shooting their movie, “Naa Istham”. The film has nearly been in completion, and the unit says that it is only a few more days to go till they hit the D-day. And what is causing more curiosity is the fact, that the movie poster has been released with the name of the movie! This is called the first look.

Genelia who had had a phenomenal success only with Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na in Bollywood, returned to movies down south and has had a steady run there. Na Istham should bring her more critical acclaim, it is felt.

Like most movies which pair bubbly women along with chocolate boy heroes, Naa Ishtham too is going to be a romantic comedy. In this, Rana plays a boy who is too deeply in connection with his heart, to bother about other factors which are more practical. Rumor has it, that Rana has taken up this role in hopes of breaking out of his serious hero niche, which had begun in his films Leader and Nenu Na Rakshasi.

The director of this romantic comedy is a first-timer named Prakash Tholeti, and it is going to be produced under the United Movies banner by Paruchuri Kirti of Simha. Much renowned music director, Chakri, is scoring the music for the film.