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AK 56 kannada movie review

The film titled ‘AK 56’ is made after 10 years of the film ‘AK 47’ and also by the same director. The theme is based on the innocent without any inquiry tagged as terrorist. Instead of checking thoroughly the law enforcement comes to a conclusion thus spoiling the career of an innocent. It is portrayed very strongly in the court by the protagonist. Ajay played by Dr Siddanth who is a sales supervisor in a motor company is framed wrongly for handing a consignment to a terrorist unknowingly. He faces insults and the police do not show interest in his innocence. Ajay is from a reputed family and when the plea of his family members also falls in deaf ears he is sent to Hindalga Jail. In the meantime his mother Saraswathi played by Sumalatha loses her husband played by Sharat Babu. His mother decides that Ajay should run away from the jail and she hands over the task to four men on payment. Their plan succeeds but the torture continues. Ajay and his gang save the blast of KRS dam as planned by the terrorist leader Atul Kulkarni. Finally in the court Ajay is freed but he is not happy as he has lost eight months of his life and many valuables. However, outside the court, the Pakistani associated terrorist is shot down by Ajay as he show disrespect for his country.

It is an action thriller. Director N Omprakash Rao has focused strongly on the police who without crosschecking the one they frame and the trauma in the Indian system of Judiciary. So far as the performance of the characters is concerned, they are quite good. Dr Siddanth has struggled hard but the dubbing of Naveen Krishna has strengthened his role. Shirin has given her best performance. Sumalatha did very well, Lokanath is good as always. The dialogues are good. Music in this film are refreshing and Manohar has done good work with the camera.

Rating: 3/5

Verdict: all in all a good film