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3 tamil movie review

Get, set and ready to rush to the nearby movie hall to watch the high voltage romantic movie Kolaveri 3 which has redefined the romance in a more dynamic way. You will be excited to watch two young souls dancing wildly in joy, delight and excitement. They are the luckiest young hearts in the world. Kolavery 3 is the movie which will train modern teens how to love.

Sorry, better to wait till the release of the move. Suspense will scroll up speedily to reveal more secrets of love, excitement and hot close-ups. In this movie, you will find three superstars together who have tried their best to accelerate the volume of glamour, artistic gloss, color of romance, and sensational thrill. Dhanush is the son of KasthuriRaja who is believed to be the director by profession. Shruti Hassan is the daughter of Kamalhassan and of course Aishwarya, the daughter of Rajinikanth and a wife of Dhanush. Three luminaries have invested their precious time to make this movie which will definitely melt the hard-nut-to-crack oldies to start romancing again in the senile period. Kolaveri is based on a compact love story. You must watch this movie because you need to date with someone special. Before approaching to propose your dream girl, you must learn the basics of romance by watching romantic movie, Kolaveri.

In this movie, a young handsome and dashing dude called Ram left his apartment to undergo a joy-ride on his street hawk. It was rainy season. When he started his journey riding on his bike, suddenly he had had to stop half way through his street navigation. Due to poor climatic condition, he had to suspend his journey. Meanwhile, Janani played by Shruti was found in maze due to rough weather. She was riding her cycle to reach her destination. Both were brought under one umbrella by God. It is amazing when two unknown persons meet each other unexpectedly. It is called good luck. Love is always unpredictable. Here, just couple of minutes before these two young energetic souls didn’t know each other. However, the whole incident was related in a flashback. Aishwarya relayed this magnificent love sequence and intimate friendship in a background.

The whole movie has been split into three different sections. At the first phase of the movie, you will get the charm, thrills, beauty and intimacy. Mind blowing dialogues, sweet songs, eye-catching natural sight-seeing and of course magnetic screenshots of hot scenes are really appreciable. Just swim in the reddish brown ketch-up of romance by watching Shruti offering hot smacks on the lips of Ram. Wow! What a warm kiss! Need more and more! You will have to spell in murmuring sound while watching Shruti kissing in such a wild way. The first few episodes are meant for raw love and thrills. However, time is running out of hand. Happy days seem to go forever to leave a vacuum space for lamentation and deep frustration. Ram is suffering from bipolar disorder. He is not mentally stable. Therefore, in the second and third phases, you will have to shed few tear drops for watching deadlock, controversy, shouting in pain and tossing in frustration. Ram and Janani will have to prove their originalities in love and friendship. Patience is the essence of success and sacrifice is the basic of love. To be frank, Kolaveri will guide young hearts to love more honestly discarding hardships and struggles. Music is superb and excellent. Anirudh, the music director, has once again proved that he is all-in-one. Besides, the roles of Prabhu, Bhanupriya and Rohini are also praiseworthy. They have showcased their talent. Kolavery will hit the silver screen soon. So, you must turbo-charge your mind to watch this ultra-modern romantic movie with your sweetheart.

Rating: 4/ 5

Verdict: Kolaveri has been shot to heat up the teenage groups. It will bring speed to life. Every young lover must watch this romantic move to learn how to satisfy his sweetheart by playing tricks, doing pranks and throwing hot kisses.