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Gowri Puthra Kannada Film Review |
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Gowri Puthra Kannada movie review

Gowri Puthra’ has been directed by the famous director named Manju Maskal Matti. His directional expertise should deserve rewards and appreciation. When you watch Gowri Puthra, you can remember those famous celebrities like Ananthnag, Vishnuvardhana and Shashikumar who were very popular during 1980 and 90.

Ganesha played by Akshay is the protagonist in the movie. He is a simple guy with honest ambition. However, Ganesha has been turned down by Ranjitha acted by Nikitha. She didn’t accept his marriage proposal. At the same time Ganesha is also unhappy because of the sad news of elopement of his would-be wife named Vidya. She fled on the day of wedding ceremony. In-between, this guy has met Sheka Nag who tries to reshape his life on hearing the caustic flashback. Ganesha tries to forget everything which seems to be painful to him.

On the other hand, father of Vidya has owned up the responsibility to find the suitable bride for Ganesha. The tragedy continues. When Ganesha has reached Hiriyur to find the lady for wedding, he is surprised to know that that lady has a love affair with an auto driver. He is totally upset. He decides to lead the rest of his life as a bachelor without facing the mishap. Ganesha is an unlucky guy who has lost a number of chances to love someone special. Every time his romantic venture has ended in frustration. The director has applied his imaginative power and artistic sensibility to portray the character of Ganesha.

Abruptly, while staying in that village, he has met Vidya who is in fact in pitiable condition. She conceives and at last she has been taken to local hospital for delivering baby.

When Ganesha takes Vidya to hospital for proper treatment, he finds Ranjitha who is working in the same hospital. The wheel of his luck seems to turn in his favor. In the mean time, the entry of Jayanthi (Manasi) as a police inspector has changed the course of the movie. However, in the long run Ranjitha has surfaced her own faults. She decides to start dating with Ganesha. The story is good. The director has tried his best to punch more romantic flavor in the movie to attract young lovers.

In this movie, Matti has used dubbing methods. Akshay is the famous actor but in this movie he has lost something to smile in a carefree nature. He should learn more by watching few movies of Ananthnag. He must be more jovial in temperament. Nikitha Tukral is fitted to this movie. Her emotional outbursts are matched with the stream of the movie. Ramesh Bhat has done a good job. However, Mansi has failed to perform her job as a police officer. Nagashekhar and Nivedhitha have shown acting talent by performing excellently.

Sowmyasri is the renowned producer and he has financed this movie for completion. He has the full confidence regarding the positive outcome of the upcoming movie.

Music is the powerhouse of this movie. Milind Dharmasena is considered to be one of talented musicians, and composers. He has gifted few marvelous songs and sweet tunes to entertain his admirers.

PL Ravi is the cameraman. He is a trained cinematographer. He operates the camera competently. However, few snapshots are irrelevant to the context. He should have been more careful and attentive clicking shutters of the camera.

Title music is up to the mark. Famous singers have lent voice perfectly to soothe ears of audiophiles. Viewers will be able to get some melodious musical tunes and songs. People will be happy to watch this movie.

Verdict: ‘Gowri Puthra’ is a standard movie. It will win favors of teens. This movie will bring more international accolades to the director for his excellent performance.

Rating :3.25/5