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Ishq Telugu movie review

Love is charming and sweet to feel. You must have a deep passion for someone who seems to be so dear to you. However, in Ishq, maybe you will not be much benefited to learn the basics of love. Better to say, Ishq has the romantic lackluster. It is a sort of family drama. The director named Vikram K Kumar is highly competent. He has the razor sharp intelligence and delicate artistic grandeur to paint a love story using the imaginative vehicle, deep intuitive power and artistic elegance to heighten up the spirit of love.

However after all, it is a romantic movie in which you will find two talented and young celebrities named Nithiin and Nithya Menen to perform brilliantly. So far so good, the director has tried his best to utilize talent of these actors properly. On the other hand, there are other performers to act brilliantly in this upcoming film. To top it all, the cinematography is excellent. P.C. Sreeram must be given a special treatment and warmth appreciation due to his outstanding contribution to the cinematography of Ishq.

The story of this movie starts with a triangle love affair. After separation from her childhood lover, Priya made elopement with Rahul. They are very much enthusiastic and excited to start their lives dynamically. However, there is also danger which disturbs these two romantic lovers. The caustic showdown between Shiva and Rahul due to the family feud which snowballs into a short melee is painful for Priya. Rahul smashed Shiva for his wild temperament to treat Divya badly. This type of action packed movie is glamorous. However, it won’t be a world famous romantic movie. You will have to do a comparison study before coming to a conclusion. Priya has the efficiency to perform excellently to create a sensational romantic ambience, but she is not allowed to use her romantic adroitness freely. She has been given restrictions to appear more aggressive. However, the director has strained every nerve to punch the flavor into the movie.

Verdict: Ishq is a type of light romantic movie. However, it is not capable of gifting the high voltage romance to people. It is good but not better in the creation of romantic grandeur.

Rating: 3/5