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Review of the film ‘Naanga’

Naanga Movie Review

Cast: Sanjay Krishna, Shakir, Munees, Vinod, Aswin Raja, Priya, Shivani, Vaidehi

Direction: Selva

Production: Cinema Kottagai

Music: Balabharathy

As in the past, director Selva has rendered emotional films like Pooveli and Amaravathi and now in his 25th film, he settles down to touch a film set in campus. It speaks about love, anger, friendship and disappointment within one gang. The director has decided to take a nostalgic journey through 1980s, a period to which the present generation is familiar with. Most interesting is that the film has five stories woven together and has relied on new faces for completing the task. Devi played by Vishnupriya comes out of coma after a long period of 25 years which is described as a miracle by everyone. The media becomes crazy and comes up with reports on Devi. As the news of Devi gaining consciousness spreads all over, some of her friends who studied in the same college 25 years ago decided to visit her. They managed to get Babu’s bail, role played by Uday, one of their classmates. He was the lover of Devi and in the meantime, the story goes back to the story and the happy college days of each and every member of the group.

Apart from Vishnupriya, Ashwin Raja, Vaidehi and Shivani, Sanjay Krishna, the son of Santhana Bharathi, Shakir, the son of Mano, the playback singer and Munees, son of Vasu Rao and T V Sasi’s son Vinod plays the lead roles in the film. The new faces bring in some freshness while playing the lead roles. But if the stories were narrated in an engrossing way then the final effect would have been much more interesting. As the film was set in 1980, the main focus was on the costumes and bringing the name Ilayaraja who was the man in that era. Despite its interesting theme the film failed to come up with a gripping script and tale. The film seems to be old and dragging all the way. The twists in it are quite predictable which fails to give sheer entertainment. The roles played by Sanjay Krishna, Nivas, Vinod and Shakir are impressive. However, the film has been able to get the best from the female leads.

Rating: 2/5

Verdict: not as exciting as expected to be.