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Olavina Ole Review |
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Olavina Ole kannada movie review

The movie Olavina Ole that came out recently sees Santosh as the lead with Neha patil, Rekha, Shanker Ashwant and many more playing various roles in the movie. This movie has been directed by Teshi Venkatesh. The camera has been done by Mahantesh Maski and the music has been composed by Yashovardhana. It was produced by Mamatha Venkatesh.

The story revolves around a simple story based on a true incident. Death due to killing if not married within the same caste forms the basic point of the movie.

If we go on to analyze the movie minutely, we would find that the film should have been released about twenty years before. There is too much of feelings inflicted upon by the caste system of the society. This is not seen in reality. The film brings upon too much of contradiction. The director of the film has made a strong impact upon the audience by various aspects of the film. The film does not portray too much action. However, the reaction is brought about by the scenes. There elements of surprises throughout the film. Nobody would have ever imagined such an action from any grandfather.

Although the film has certain monotonous figures like an innocent hero, short tempered heroine and a loveable mother, the caste system of the society has cast a formidable shadow on their lives. Some parts of the movie seem unnecessary and too long. These were not expected by the director. All in all there was more scope for exploitation.

Shanker Ashwath has been seen as the best actor in the movie. His delivery of dialogues and his looks has made a fearsome effect on the people. The others have done pretty well. When analyzed technically, we do not find too great elements in it. It is what might be called watchable.

Verdict: Below Average

Rating: 2.5/5