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Parijatha kannada movie review

The Kannada film titled ‘Parijatha’ is a remake of the film titled ‘Boss Engira Bhaskaran’ which was released in 2009. The story is based on a careless youth who falls in love with a teacher. The teachings of life with a good family around him form the crux of the film. Bhaskar popularly known as Boss played by Diganth is bowled over by the charm of Chandrika played by Aindrita Ray. Bhaskar is a good for nothing guy who could not pass PUC exam even after many attempts. He is caught cheating in the examination hall by Chandrika who is the invigilator. He is always helped by a barber friend played by Sharan. He loves her and she also reciprocates it but when he approaches her family, he is made fun of for his existence without a job. This insults him and urges him to start a tutorial for Class X students which earn him good profit but Chandrika’s father still does not accept him. So Chandrika has to agree for a different match with Raghu Mukherjee.

Diganth was good with his careless attitude although he did it in many earlier films. Aindrita was not as good as Nayanthara in the original but complements Diganth with her performance. Sharan was hilarious as usual. Raghu Mukherjee makes a guest appearance. The first part of the film was somewhat boring. Music by Mano Murthy was melodious, cinematography was also quite pleasing. The director Prabhu Srinivas remained faithful to the original one. Aindrita and Diganth make a good pair but this does not make a good film. In other words, there is nothing new in the film. So it is a so so film and those in love may like it.

Rating: 2.5/ 5

Verdict: it is a mediocre film and is for young generation. One in love may enjoy the film.