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Rana Flim Review |
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Rana Kannada movie review

A movie packed and loaded with action which conveys a message to youth “how their life become worst when we practice a criminal offense .The story is that FOUR YOUTH (Soori, Manja, Madha and Siddha ) from a village comes to the city and enter in to a brutal act of murdering a strong rowdy Dhum kumar.Thus they earns a good name and start loving four different girls.The later lead of the movie is fully covered with romance and thrills.The remaining part of the story reveals how that brutal act which they had done earlier affect their future life and how they face all this troubles .The rest you can enjoy at the big screen.
While analyzing the movie, from the beginning itself we will feel that the story holds a repeated theme of many movies the big screen had projected in its past days.Mr. Srinivasamurthy who is new to the industry as a director had gone wrong in his selection about the script of his very first movie . It is of no doubt that the movie will drain the image of the director and Pankaj Narayan who is the hero of the movie.
In a film with full of action how best the actors chase, fight and use their tricks only matters. The action sequences of the movie is substandard. Pankaj Narayan performance was ok but his choice of choosing this movie was a bad decision. The performance of the heroines seemed average. Sonia Gowda as blind heroine, Supritha as mad girl, Spoorthi as disenchanted wife are tolerable. The performances of Shobaraj and Ambarish comes under an ok category
Only one song in the movie seemed to be ok but the others are not up to the mark and there is nothing good to say about the editing of the movie.
Rating :2/5

Verdict :Below Average