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Ravichandran Crazy Loka Movie Review |
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Crazy Loka kannada movie Review

The movie Crazy Loka reveals the story of a persons ambition for education and society.The story is that Basavaraja Kattimani (V Ravichandran) is awarded a doctorate for doing welfare services to the society by a University. At the day of his award his rival Sadashiva (Srinivasa Prabhu) teases him and will ask him to obtain atleast first year PUC certificate and his rival challenges him. Taking the challenge in mind Basavaraja Kattimani joins the college. The thrill is that his son Abhay (Soorya) is also studying at the same college .More than learning for a PUC certificate Basu tries to teach the humanity of life and non academic things to his younger students.The later lead of the movie is Basu falls in love with Sarala (Daisy Boppana) . The later sessions can be enjoyed by you at theaters near you.
Its of a great shock to the bigscreen viewers, why such a subject was selected by the senior director Kavitha Lankesh. V ravichandra the love master of Kannada cinema has failed in selecting such a movie to reach the audience. In simple sense we can easily say the movie will surely affect the romantic image of V Ravichandra. The screen play of the movie seemed to be lagging .
While telling about the performance of v Ravichandra it was just ok. Daisy Boppana has an average role in this film. Avinash and Bharathi Vishnuvardhana are lively. Harshika and Soorya as young pair are tolerable.
The technical side of the movie includes a good cameraman and music director (AC Mahendran, Manikanth Khadri).

Verdict :The movie review in one sentence is not recommended for watching

Rating : 2/5