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Rowdy Rathore bollywood movie Review

For younger generation, Rowdy Rathore will be an energy booster. It will energize a dashing young boy to act just like Rowdy Rathore. To be frank, Rowdy Rathore will be a hit.

In the modern milieu, the human value is evaluated on a scale of purity of heart, sacrifice and love. Even a criminal has the right to survive in the society. Breaking the barrier of conventional legacy, this movie has been shot on an ultra-modern platform. Akshay Kumar has played the role of Shiva who is a thief. His wrong commitment has contaminated the society to some extent. However, in his character, you will find a silver lining. He is a man of excellence when he has had to stoop to a minor girl named Chinki. She has taken him as her father. In between, Shiva has met Priya(Sonakshi Sinha). Her arresting beauty entices him. He has fallen in love. However, he is passive in revealing the name of Chinki to his sweetheart. The whole movie is stained in the color of romantic gloss, and spices of comical elements. He has gained terrific appreciation from critics due to his outstanding performance. He is a smart dude with a bold character.

On the other hand, Sonakshi will surely heat up male viewers by exposing her juicy body to some extent. Music is ok. Cinematography is excellent. Title music is soothing and sensational. However, occasionally, couple of boring snapshots can force you to scratch your scalp to avoid the situation. Otherwise this movie will win hearts of viewers. The presence of Nassar, Paresh Ganatra and Yashpal Sharma has given a new shape to the movie. Under the fear of the police officer played by Yashpal, Shiva had to keep Chinki with him. The director has selected Akshay Kumar after a screening test. He has proved his talent in acting.

Rating: 3.0/5

Verdict: Rowdy Rathore is a average commercial movie. It has the ingredients of comedy, romance, violence and revenge to dish out a fantastic movie to people.