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Rushi Telugu Movie Review

Prasad production, the prestigious production house has produced the Telugu film titled ‘Rushi’ which is the only centre of attraction, as in this film there is no attractive star cast or any thing attractive in it. The theme is based on a medical background, which explores lives of the medical students and their transformation into doctors through the lead roles being played by Rushi and Pooja. Venkat played by Ravi, a television journalist gives us a view that Rushi played by Aravind Krishna is one who was fighting a case. His life unfolds talking to Venkat. Rushi meets Pooja played by Supriya Shelja when he is still a fresher. In the beginning he says he became a doctor to make money but as time passes by his perceptions changes and he begins to take interest in his profession and patients. Rushi admits Karthik played by Master Gaurav who suffers from pain in a hospital and starts his treatment although he is not fully qualified yet. He is criticised for this act but he answers them by coming up with a heart transplant.

Now there is a need of a donor and in the meantime there comes a twist. The climax is hard to take and cannot be accepted on legal and humanistic ground. The characters in it are portrayed realistically and the first half of the film is quite fun while in the second half, it is more intense and reaches its extreme when Rushi Pooja and Karthik track begins. The songs could be trimmed, the dialogues are okay. Aravind Krishna suits his role, looking serious and matured. Supriya Shelja is better in the second half. Master Gaurav performs well. On the technical ground, the film is fine. It has a meaningful theme which can be appreciated for a different theme and subject.

Rating: 2.5/5

Verdict: it is an average film with different theme and subject