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Tuglak kannada movie review

Tughlak in the present day is a confused person who is an indecisive person. The history personality Mohammad Bin Tuglak does not resemble the Tuglak of present day. The film titled ‘Tuglak’ is directed by Aravind Kaushik. Raghu played by Rakshin Shetty from his very childhood is always confused. Even as he grows up he is ina dilemma in every phase of life. He saves the life of Sonia and Sania played by Anisha Ummar and Meghana Gaonkar respectively and both of them proposes him. Now the question is who to accept. He accepts Sania and tells that his choice is Sonia. In the meantime he is asked to kill Medha who is his rival by Sonia’s brother, a don. As he agrees to kill him, his mind works differently that is why to kill someone just for the sake of love. Raghu at that time decides his love for Sania but before expressing it to her he is to complete the film. In this task he is offered with same scenes and as public demands he should not accept anyone, a flashback is seen Sania rejecting his proposal. He then turns to Sonia and she too rejects him and finally his friend Giri asks him to remain as friends and this is the end of the film.

This is a film with much confusion, the director trying to test the nerves of human brain. In this age of computers, the young generation does not want to spend a second taking decision. The protracted style of the director is so bad that it gives the feeling when it would end. However, the songs are good with the performances also quite impressive. Rakshit Shetty did a good job with his serenity quite touching at some places. Among the girls, Anisha Ummar is much glamorous while Meghna Gaonkar making a good attempt. As a don B Sutresha is irksome. Ballu is funny while Giri’s role is quite convincing.

The flash back technique is confusing as per the title of the film. Music in it is the main stay with the cinematography coming upto the mark.

Rating: 2.5/5

Verdict: a film full of confusion. It is good to decide before going to watch the movie.